The Largest Manufacturer of German Bisque Dolls

Armand Marseille of Germany

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The largest manufacturer of German bisque dolls was probably Armand Marseille. 1865-1925+. Koppelsdorf, Thur Germany.

eBay has a rather large set of listings of vintage Bisque dolls for sale, if you are interested in a purchase, or to find values, (you will need to sign up with Ebay".

When I first started collecting I was a bit dismayed when experienced doll collectors would refer to the AM (Armand Marseille) dolls as just too common or just not that desirable to purchase. At first, I was confused, these beautiful dolls met all the criteria to qualify as an antique doll.......and I was thrilled that I could purchase one more readily than others.

In fact, when I purchased this 32" A.M. 390, the notable doll dealer selling her referred to her as "The Dog". True, she was nude.......but she had her original soft mohair wig and she was so large I was certain adoption papers had to be filed.

I will admit her eyes are not dead center straight, but the painting of brows and mouth is quite beautiful. Poo......with clothes she is quite pretty.......and she stayed with me even when I sent my French dolls to new homes.  

The mold number 390 is found on fully jointed all composition bodies, while the number 370 is found on Armand Marseille shoulder heads with kid bodies. These are the two most common heads manufactured by this company.  

Another 32" Armand Marseille 390 with the "dolly face".

The most often found baby is referred to as "My Dream Baby"

The Dream Baby mold number is 341. Now, isn't she sweet for a "common" doll???!!!

She has sleep eyes and a cloth body with gauntlet hands. The 351 mold number has an open mouth.

Another Armand Marseille mold that is most attractive as a rule ......3200. A shoulder head with a heavy kid body, this large 26" girl has brilliant blue.

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There are so many Armand Marseille dolls in our doll world, but, all have their unique expressions and character. Clothing adds so much to the presentation of an antique doll as well. Was the baby a flea market find or was it handed down through the family? Did you create the apparel it is wearing or are the clothes original?

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