Bisque Head Dolls by Adolf Wislizenus

Bisque Head Dolls

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Adolf Wislizenus (AW) Adolf Wislizenus, a manufacturer of Bisque head dolls circa 1851-1930 and even later. Waltershausen Thur. The "A.W. Special" apparently one of the more beautiful examples of this company.

The interaction of other doll makers has been stated in the manufacture of Wislizenus bisque head dolls. Ernst Heubach heads were used for the bisque dolls according to Coleman's Encylopedia of Dolls.....second volume.

The familiar "dolly type" face was enhanced by lush fur type lashes as seen in photos of this A.W. Special. The eyes appear larger ......contrasting with the fine pale bisque ........thus her haunting expression.

This particular doll has the familiar composition ball jointed body, but, a composition with rubber half-ball joints was patented by Wislizenus in Germany circa 1911.


Marked C.M.Bergmann 1916.

Charles M. Bergmann, doll manufacturer in Walterhausen and Friedrichroda Germany, 1889-1925+. "Bergmann did not manufacture the bisque heads used on his dolls......they were purchased from Armand Marseilles and Simon Halbig". This 32" girl has a fully jointed all composition body. Sometimes a "dolly face" is not attractive in larger sizes.......but Bergmann maintained the attractive appeal in this particular doll.

eBay has a rather large set of listings of vintage Bisque Head dolls for sale, if you are interested in a purchase, or to find values if looking for values, it is necessary to register with eBay.


Marked with a horseshoe Dep 1900-8...Made In Germany. Manufactured by Ernst Heubach 1887-1925+ in Koppelsdorf, Thur...Germany. Although many of the smaller dolls have average facial painting, some of the larger dolls are truly outstanding. The lips are well molded, and both brows and lips are painted with artistic flair.

This girl is a large chunky 26" with kid body that has beautiful, distinctive molded hands. These dolls are not to be confused with those manufactured by Gebruder Heubach.

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