Walking Dolls, The Beauty "Walkers" Of The 1950's

The Artisan Raving Beauty Walking Dolls...

...Walking Dolls, The Beauty "Walkers" Of The 1950s

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A California company, Artisan Doll (Artisan Novelty Co.), introduced a beautiful and collectible all hard plastic doll, a "walker" named "Raving Beauty" circa 1950. There is also a Miss Gadabout which I find hard to distinguish from the Raving Beauty. The hard plastic is of superior quality, sturdy and durable.

A gorgeous doll with a sweet rounded childlike face and an open mouth exposing teeth and a tongue. Her hair is advertised as "Ravon" which can be shampooed and set. 20" tall, she commands admiration.

Raving Beauty walking doll had a wardrobe that was to be envied. Some of her fashions were advertised as "California Originals by Michele." 

This walking doll had Wedding gowns, nightgowns, square dance dresses, cowgirl outfits, skating costumes, party, and school dresses are just some of the clothing that could be acquired. 

Referred to as a "walker," Raving Beauty is easily recognized because of her unusual wide spread legs with a well-concealed walking mechanism. Unlike the other walking dolls of this era, the legs on Raving Beauty fit close to her torso which does not hinder the dressing and undressing of the doll in any way. 

eBay has a rather large set of listings of vintage Walking dolls for sale, if you are interested in a purchase, or to find values if looking for costs, it is necessary to register with eBay.

If you are searching for original clothing for Raving Beauty or any other walking dolls of this type...do not despair!

"California Fashions by Michele" are listed quite frequently on eBay! As well as similar and appropriate era doll clothing. eBay...dolls & bears...clothing, accessories...antique, vintage clothing.  

Additional information about Raving Beauty and more beautiful hard plastic dolls of the 1950s can be obtained in many of the following reference books.

Hard Plastic Dolls by Polly & Pam Judd

Hard Plastic Dolls II by Polly & Pam Judd

Modern Collectible Dolls: Identification & Value Guide by Patsy Moyer

Doll Values: Antique to Modern (Value Guide 7th Edition) by Patsy Moyer

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