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There once was a doll named Lilly-

I have an antique doll with a pretty porcelain painted face, blue eyes, glued on light brown hair and the name Lilly on the back of her neck. Her body

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Clown doll

I recently bought this small clown at an estate sale. She has a rubber head and hard plastic body. She is jointed at the knee but not the elbow. The

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Extremely antique doll

My mother had this doll that was passed on to her probably by another relative. She is extremely old and deteriorating. I can't find a mark on her anywhere.

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Bisque head and hands, probably modern cloth body/dress

This is my late wife's doll she had as a child in the 1950s. I know absolutely nothing about it besides that. It has what appears to be a bisque head

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My Great Grandmother's doll

This doll has been passed to me from my mother, given to her by my grandmother, who received from her mother, my great great grandmother. It has a paper

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