Dolls of Hard Plastic are Extremely Durable

Hard Plastic Dolls, Post World War 2

After World War II the use of hard plastic became popular in the manufacture of dolls. Unlike the composition dolls that preceded them, the dolls of hard plastic did not craze or crack due to temperature and moisture changes.

Dolls of hard plastic are extremely durable, but, they do have their afflictions. The plastic is susceptible to a "mold" which appears first as a white waxy substance. This can usually be removed without harming the doll as a rule.

BUT, it may return once started and in the final stages of this dreaded "doll disease" the plastic develops an odor only comparable to the stinkiest of cheese. To date, I am not aware of a complete cure for this malady. It can be toned down, disguised with deodorizers and Lysol sprays, but it still lingers.

On the brighter side, most hard plastic dolls are found in presentable fragrant condition, and will probably remain so as they are now in the hands of collectors. The manufacturers of hard plastic dolls are numerous, so following is a sample of a few from a market of many.

NIRESK INDUSTRIES Truly the most homely of the larger hard plastic doll family. I do lose friends this way! She has an open mouth with teeth and sometimes tend to look like Chucky's early cousin. Niresk specialized in discounted price dolls and advertised them in magazines.

Though she is not a beauty, she still has an extensive wardrobe and the brush and mirror that was included as a bonus for ordering prepaid. The comb is missing.

Advertised as "Hollywood Bride with 7 Outfit Trousseau" it is unusual to locate this particular doll with the majority of her original clothing.

Everything a young mother could want for her doll's travel trunk. Pictured and described on the mail order coupon from a magazine. She has a matching coat and hat.....the doll pictured has lost her hat in the windy mountains of Montana.

The easily recognized taffeta stripe dress with matching panties has been sold as original to other dolls, but it is quite apparent in the ad who originally wore the garment . The "hostess gown" is taffeta and the nightgown is sheer. The plaid rain cape is plastic and the ballerina outfit is satin with net overskirt. 

eBay has a rather large set of listings of vintage Hard Plastic dolls for sale, if you are interested in a purchase, or to find values, if looking for values, it is necessary to register with eBay.

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