Effanbee, Truly Quality Dolls

Effanbee Dolls, truly quality dolls which have endured

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Effanbee. Bernard E. Fleischaker and Hugo Baum started manufacturing the F&B.....Effanbee doll circa 1912. Truly quality dolls which have endured well over the many years since their creation. Effanbee indeed honored their slogan "Effanbee Durable dolls."


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This particular version of the Heartbeat Baby is circa early 40's I believe. A key-wind on the back enables the mechanism to tick as the babies heart "beat."

A chubby composition and cloth darling and very difficult to locate in good working condition.


Love these girls!

Although the torso is often marked "Anne Shirley," the majority belong to the "Little Lady" line.

Anne Shirley was the actress who portrayed Anne in the (year) movie "Anne of Green Gables." The original Anne Shirley generally has long braids like the character and wears little girl type dress.

Little Lady may have been advertised as early as 1938 in the mail-order catalog of Montgomery Ward......but they appear to have slender hands......believe attributed to Dewees Cochran design. The girls that took up permanent residence in our home have the thick chunky hands. Just a matter of preference.......all of these dolls are lovely. 

1945 Montgomery Ward catalog

eBay has a rather large set of listings of vintage Effanbee dolls for sale, if you are interested in a purchase, or to find values if looking for costs, it is necessary to register with eBay.  

Little Lady dolls are often found in excellent condition. The composition is of such a quality that there may be little or no crazing. Ranging in size from 15"........

to a heavy 27"................

................. they are striking in their original gowns, or school dresses.........or redressed in appropriate clothing from the 1940's era.  

There are many versions of formal gowns. Taffetas, tulle, velvet, and chiffon. Some have an applied glitter.  

Some of my favorite Little Lady/Anne Shirley Effanbee dolls were made during the War years Click this link for a look

Often the Effanbee Dolls were referred to as "Little Lady" and "The Happy Birthday Doll"---she could play "Happy Birthday" after being wound up with the key Click this link for a look at another page

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Welcome to "Show and Tell" for these "Effanbee Durable dolls"!

We all love to share. If you have photos and information pertaining to these early 1900's composition and cloth dolls, please fill in the form below to "Show and Tell" your favorite F&B Doll. We all have interest in how they were located, the use of materials in their clothing and anything else you would like to share with other avid collectors.

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