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The Effanbee Doll advertised as "The Happy Birthday Doll"

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In 1943 a puzzle with Effanbee dolls was produced. Although a few other dolls are seen, Little Lady is prominently featured.

The April 1946 McCall's magazine has a charming cover with a young girl holding Little Lady doll.

The bride was the most common Little Lady..........after all.........she just needed a trousseau......the perfect gift for a wide eyed child of the 1940's.

Extra clothing is now relatively easy to locate........or if you are a creative seamstress.......copies of the patterns are often seen on ebay. A vintage apron is usually all the material needed........the patterns are simple.........whatcha' waitin' for!

Perhaps because of her war years presence ......or perhaps her resemblance to the children, cousins and playmates of this era.........Little Lady is one of the dolls that gives continued visual pleasure in any collection.

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