Story Book Dolls of Hard Plastic and Composition


Considered not that collectible for many years, the small storybook "type" dolls of hard plastic and composition are now beginning to demand the attention due them. Many of these dolls are found in original boxes and a collection with their dresses "fanned" behind them is a myriad of color and design.

Hard plastic or composition, with painted or sleep eyes, with or without boxes, these little dolls were available to young girls at a price their parents could afford.

They usually have stiff legs and are jointed at the neck and arms. Some have a stiff non-jointed neck. An average 7 1/4" tall, they were also suitable as souvenirs and traveled well. Some were marketed as a series, just as the more popular Nancy Ann Story Book and Hollywood Dolls.

They have applied swirls of mohair for wigs and clothes stapled to their bodies. This alone accounts for the numerous dolls found in original gowns.

Most were presented in a box with a cellophane window which still creates an attractive shelf display. Some gowns are of satins, taffeta or lace with lavish trim or applied glitter. Other dolls wear very simple wraps which resemble a wide ribbon and others wear Western or Indian Attire.

 Many were dressed in International costume, and some were historical.

A & H Doll Mfg. was one of the many manufacturers of this type doll.

Their most famous line was "Marcie." ( Hard Plastic Dolls--Pam & Polly Judd). The only reference on brochure or box is "A Marcie Doll." The dolls are unmarked. Many have tagged clothing underneath the skirts of their gowns.

There were several "Read and Play" creations. A Marcie "Lovely Alice" is just one of these fine examples. Alice is accompanied by a Wonder Book (copyright 1951) titled "Adventures From The Original Alice in Wonderland." There is also a brochure picturing 73 additional Marcie Dolls that were available at that time. 

A second "Read and Play" doll is "Come Visit My Ranch." Darling cowgirl with a copyright 1950 Wonder Book titled "Come Visit My Ranch." 

A hard to find Marcie Doll is that of "Dr. Dale" from "Space Cadet." "Tom Corbett" would be her partner and he is still in orbit.......not available for the photo. 

Do you remember the early Television shows for kids, the ones that brought back the wild west with dolls?

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The Duchess Dolls Corporation is another company that marketed "shelf dolls" in the 1940s---their "Dolls of All Nations series were quite here to take a look!

Back in the 1950s and 60s, many small hard plastic dolls were manufactured resembling movie and famous world characters, some were even used as premiums for oil company advertising--do you remember? Click here to see what we are talking about!

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