The Dolls of All Nations Series

The Dolls of All Nations Series by Duchess Dolls Corporation!

Duchess Dolls Corporation was another company which marketed the doll most easily identified of this type. Marked clearly on the back of torso "Duchess Dolls Corp.-----Design Copyright------1948.

Their "Dolls of All Nations" series was quite popular as well as their Disney characters such as Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan.

From the "Dolls of All Nations" series is this exquisitely dressed # 732. Her identity is blurred, almost a combination of "Persian" and "Arabian." Her sheer stiff nylon organdy gown has showy glitter flowers applied.

Another beauty with the same heavily glitter adorned nylon organdy dress is a Carmen Miranda type in flaming red with "fruit" accents on the headpiece.

A bright competitor reflecting the "shocking pink" of the early 1950s is "Carmen," a "Fairy Princess Doll."

Another "Dolls of All Nations" without a box to clarify identity is an apparent Scottish Lassie in red plaid taffeta.  

And a sweet Duchess lass in satin floral with heavy net ruffles and a felt hat on your right.

A real beauty who suggests a Duchess debutante is elegant in flora satin with a "fur" cape and pink corsage.

Precious blonde Duchess in a storybook pink satin gown looks as if she just stepped out of the box.

Many brides were manufactured by Dutchess. This one wears an unusual gown with a "Sweetheart" neckline covered by a net bodice that goes to the neckline. Although in excellent condition, the time has "beiged" her veil.

Dressed in bright red taffeta, this unknown Duchess girl is in a circular plastic container which states only "Dutchess Deluxe Doll" on the lid. Her original price of $1.95 is scrawled on the cardboard back.

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