Heinrich Handwerck Dolls...Antique German Dolls

Heinrich Handwerck Dolls...
Some of the Most Beautiful Antique German Dolls

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A look at Antique German Dolls

Perhaps one of the most beautiful bisque molds is the Handwerck 109. The large almond-shaped eyes are one of the more elegant features and become even more prominent in the smaller 18" version. Although an Antique German doll, the 109 has a definite "French" appearance.

An excellent quality bisque, Handwerck dolls were manufactured circa 1876 through the early 1900s. The Handwerck factory was acquired by Kammer & Reinhardt after the death of Heinrich Handwerck in 1902.

(Reference: Coleman's Collector's Encyclopedia of Dolls.)

The Handwerck 109 is frequently found on a ball jointed composition body marked Handwerck also. If you have read at length the information accumulated in the above-referenced book, you have become aware that doll companies often purchased parts and bodies from other manufacturers, so it is not unusual to find an original antique German doll with an unmarked body.

eBay has a rather large set of listings of vintage Bisque dolls for sale, if you are interested in a purchase, or to find values if looking for costs, it is necessary to register with eBay.

Shown are German, French and a variety of others.

During the early years of my own collecting, I watched other collectors amputate and remove what I am sure were Antique German Doll original bodies just because they were not marked the same as the bisque heads.

These instances were that of dolls in "as found condition...straight from an attic or cellar where they had been for endless years. The stringing cord was black with dust and soot, stretched beyond use, but still firmly attached to the body with firm hooks and clamps.

But, if the markings were not the same as referenced in a book, or proclaimed by the "experts," collectors separated the parts and replaced with what they believed was correct.

I can just see a few of you sitting out there shaking your heads! But, I am one very happy doll collector because I do not take what I read or hear as the ultimate authority. Common sense and an appreciation for all those who research and publish books as a GUIDELINE have helped me acquire a flexible outlook in the acquisition of dolls.

Do you have a collection of antique German dolls, or maybe only one?

We would love to hear your opinions, share your knowledge and just know your interests!

This very large 28" girl is a Handwerck 119. There is that #9 again! What do you think????? Simon and Halbig made the head?? Or perhaps just a coincidence that the #9 was used in a mold number. What a beautiful face!

Probably the best online area to search for more information about Antique German Dolls is eBay, there are books, dolls, even houses at times.

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Welcome to "Show and Tell" for early Heinrich Handwerck German Dolls!

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