Small Antique Bisque Dolls, Treasures From The 1800's and Early 1900's

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Antique Bisque Dolls Many early Antique Bisque Dolls were usually small dolls. Either a stiff frozen unjointed figure or jointed with wire attachment or strung with string or elastic. They were manufactured as early as the 1860's and even into the 1940's.

The earlier Dolls were made of all bisque had molded styled hair, others had molded hats or bonnets. Some had "bald" heads with a tiny pate to hold a tiny wig. Some were modeled nude, others had molded bisque clothing. Molded and painted boots or shoes and socks were common.

tiny charlottes dolls

bonnet bisque doll

blonde boy doll
blonde girl doll

red ridinghood doll

The Red Riding Hood Doll is a pink bisque.

During the 1880's, through the early 1900s, Wanamaker, Marshall Fields, and Montgomery Ward all advertised small bisque dolls. As with most dolls of this period, Germany manufactured and supplied the major stores in the US. Many all bisque dolls bear the mark "Germany", while others have only a number to identify.

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group all bisque doll

pair in black dolls

Because they are small, many of these precious Antique Bisque Dolls have been found in boxes, tucked away with their miniature wardrobes. Dresses and hats made from scraps of material, lace, feathers and even teeny buttons were made by a loving mother or a talented young girl long ago. This little girl has over 20 tiny exquisite hats!

girl with huge wardrobe

girl with yarn hair Wigs were usually human hair, but this particular doll has one fashioned of yarn. big white hat

This tiny girl, on the right, has a human hair wig.

babies in box

The pair of babies were found in an old Christmas gift box. With them were identical matching suits of clothing.

babies in box

Ben Franklin cigar dolls

Old cigar boxes were "treasure" boxes for children and have yielded many doll treasures.

Interested in early Kewpie and Betty Boop type dolls?...Click here!

Because little Antique bisque dolls were small and easily handled by children....they were also easily LOST!!!! Which brings me to the second part of this article.

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I found this adorable ,so unique, little guy in a steamer trunk belonging to one of my mothers neighbors, She was in Kindergarten in 1891.

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