May 2010 Doll Auction Sales

May was a good month for doll auction sales, antique and collectible alike….

Here are the May history installments of many doll and doll related online auction sales. Hopefully, many questions about values can be answered here and in the up-coming additions to this website.

For those of you planning online auction sales, this may serve as a guide as well. We are also interested in your online selling experience, whether it be VIA online auctions, or just a straight selling web site, perhaps your own website.

There is a form on each auction sales page which you can use to tell us about your online selling experience. The following information is important:

A good picture, one picture per form only (if you are able to cut and paste several pictures into one picture - that will work)

A good description:

The website it sold on:

The price it sold for:

The category it sold in:

How many bids:

Was it a “buy it now”?:

If it was sold on your very own website - include you website URL and we will provide a link from our site to yours - please, it needs to be an antique and collectible doll site.

We will concentrate mainly on antique and collectible dolls and accessories, along with what they sold for, how many bids, when the auction ended, what category they were listed in and the online auction site used.

Here are the links to the sold items that are presently up:

May 2010 page one

Page one shows the auction results of a 20 inch doll body - 2 Rush Monkeys - and 2 different brands of doll house furniture. Click on the link above.

May 2010 page two

Page two has some sales information about a 15 inch Hungarian girl - a good look at a vintage oil cloth clown and his dog companion. For those of you who looking for ways to display your dolls, there is a small vintage box of books. And a look at vintage snaps and hooks for doll making. Click on the link above.

May 2010 page three Want information about those 12 inch Japanese Ladies on wood stands? Check page three above. There are two Molleyes girls as well along with an old candy box with antique lace.

May 2010 page four

Dolls and dresses are the topic of page 4, a 1953 Doll of Destiny - Queen Isabella an 11 inch walker, and a tin eye wrecked compo doll. Also a nice doll dress and some lace trim for doll clothes.

May 2010 page Five

A Shirley Temple dress, a broken bisque baby, a made in England Pelham puppet Clown and a vintage baby gown dress - all white. "May 2010 page Five" provides some value information.

May 2010 page Six

Check out here about a 1970's Ideal Tiffany Taylor, some vintage Cinderella size shoes, a big fixer-upper composition doll and a Nancy Ann Debbie hat. "May 2010 page Six" provides some value information.

eBay is a great wedsite for "value" information about dolls, or most anything else for that matter--however, in order to see what something has sold for, registration is required, so if you are looking for past sales of any particular doll, please register.

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