Fifth May History Doll Related Online Auction Sales

A Shirley Temple dress sold at auction, also a Pelham Puppet Clown, and more ….

Here is the fifth May history installment of many doll and doll related online auction sales. Hopefully, many questions about values can be answered here and in the up-coming additions to this website.

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Item Name: 1972 Shirley Temple dress

Listed in category: Dolls & Bears >Dolls >Clothes & Accessories >Antique & Vintage Ended: May 26, 2010 at 12:39:41 PDT Listed: 1 Bid history: 3 bids Sold for: $7.50 on eBay

Item description

1973 tagged Ideal Shirley Temple dress. As found.....needs refreshing.

Nylon organdy with attached cotton slip. Sleeve elastic stretched.

Approximately 6 1/2" long.......3 1/2" across shoulders......8 1/2" waist circumference.

Think this fits a 16 to 17" doll.

You will need to wash.....small spots on front....overall light age soil.

No holes or tears.

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Shirley Temple dolls

Item Name: Heartbreaking broken bisque baby for his great body

Listed in category: Dolls & Bears >Dolls >Antique (Pre-1930) >Bisque >German Ended: May 26, 2010 at 12:39:36 PDT Listed: 1 Bid history: 5 bids Sold for: $61.01 on eBay

Item description

Straight from an estate sale this past weekend.......but I have to get him out of here now.   It  is all I can do to keep from soaking that old dark glue off and gluing him back together again.

BUT......I know there are talented ladies that restore beautifully........and he really needs help.

Bisque head.....composition body. His body is beautiful.......excellent condition. He is approx. 14 1/2" long.....his body alone approx. 10 1/2".

Very old glue holding his very broken head together.  Missing a triangular piece on top.  

Marked: 7 Germany 7109

Head found. If I clean him......I soak him.....I glue him......I keep him.

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Antique Bisque dolls

Item Name: Pelham puppet Clown - made in England

Listed in category: Toys & Hobbies >Vintage & Antique Toys >Other Ended: May 26, 2010 at 13:10:18 PDT Listed: 1 Bid history: 4 bids Sold for: $15.00 on eBay

Item description:

I haven't any idea the age of this scary Pelham Clown.

Box is crushed and missing cellophane from storage. Comes with "untangling" instructions.....application to Pelpup Club.

Made in England.

Clown has great bright color.......and in need of untangling.

Approximately 11" tall........appears to be wood.

  AS FOUND......not new.

To learn more about Pelham puppet Clown, click on "Pelham Puppedia" Pelham puppedia

Item Name: Simple antique vintage white baby gown dress

Listed in category: Dolls & Bears >Dolls >Clothes & Accessories >Antique & Vintage Ended: May 18, 2010 at 12:44:40 PDT Listed: 1 Bid history: 1 bid Sold for: $6.50 on eBay

Item description

So simple. Tiny white on white check texture.

Lace trim on sleeve and neck ruffles.

3 button back closure. ...or front?  I think the buttons belong in front.

Approximately 18" long......8 1/2" more or less across shoulders.

This is the type that is easy to alter for large china and paper mache dolls.   Looks great for big composition babies.

Straight from an estate......needs minor refreshing.

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vintage doll clothing

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