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When we launched this website in July 2003, we offered visitors an opportunity to send in doll related questions about antique and collectible dolls. Montana Dolllady has answered to the best of her knowledge--Many questions have been sent in from some very nice doll people--most have been answered to the satisfaction of the person asking the question.

We have received many great questions from some really nice doll collectors, and we are sharing the questions and the answers with you!

This Question is from Kathy!


In 1957 I received a Miss Revlon type of doll. The box in an old photo appears to say Paris Toy or Doll on the box. I recently purchased what I believe is an Arranbee 18" walker ballerina doll.

The face on the ballerina doll appears to match precisely the look on my old fashion doll-which to date I have not been able to replace. Is it possible that the Paris Co. used heads from the Arranbee Co.? Any ideas where I might locate the original doll from the Paris Doll Co.?

Also, I find few references to the Arranbee 18" walker ballerina. She does have 17 VW on the back of her head. Her Arms do seem to be a different color than the rest of her body.

Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.



Hi Kathy,

I am under the impression the dolls marked with VW were made by Valentine....they made a beautiful ballerina. Her vinyl form fitting ballet shoes were marked Capezio.

The face is quite similar to many dolls of the same type made by various manufacturers of that period. Many of the dolls were unmarked........just numbers and letters........and it has been frustrating collectors for as long as I have been collecting. ........and you and I are of the same mind set thinking that manufacturers may have used identical heads.

They were businessmen......selling toys for profit......if parts were certain they would have been sold to another manufacturer.....and moved on to other ventures.

In my older books, there is no reference at all to Paris Dolls.....but we as collectors knew that they existed. When dolls surface in their original boxes......that is the only way we can be really confident of the manufacturer......or distributor.

If you follow this link to Amazon.....the book.....The Doll & Teddy Bear Department........has many reprinted pages from Sears catalogs.....1950's and 60's. There are many ballerinas.......but no manufacturer names. Sears was an well as Montgomery Ward......they didn't often include the source of the doll......just a pic and description.

There are many Valentine well as others......but as to who they are? I love this book.......just because you can view the original clothing in the ads. It will not tell you who made the dolls.......but you will soon learn to put the clothing with the correct doll.....and identify it from there. The similarity of faces is easily distinguished in this book.

Click here for the Book "Dolls and Teddy Bear Department"

Ballerinas were made by Arranbee, Horsman, and Valentine to name a few.

The difference in arm color is minor........the hard vinyl discolors on some......on some it does not. Exposure to the

Wish I could have been of more assistance, Thank you for writing,


This Question is from Rose!


A question on Artisan Novelty dolls. My father worked at Artisan Novelty Company, in Monterey Park California. He brought home several dolls, including black dolls, brown-haired dolls, and blond dolls. Is this the same company?

Thank you,



Hi Rose,

Artisan Novelty was located in California.......600 West 182nd Street.....Gardena, California.......which is the address given on the brochures sometimes found with dolls. We haven't been in the LA area for some can't recall the proximity of the two towns.

Thank you for writing,


This Question is from David!


I have a doll from we think the 1930's, it was made in Germany (from marks on the back of body and head) there is also a diamond mark on the back and head containing what looks something like a tortoise or turtle.

There are also 2 numbers present which I think are mold numbers. (50 on the head) ( 50 + 25 on the body). She is made of celluloid I believe, the arms and legs are jointed and held together with elastic (which has unfortunately stretched too far now).

Can you shed any light on the maker and if the doll is worth anything.

kind regards



Hi David,

Yes, your doll is very collectible. Definitely made of celluloid......from your description.

These dolls are referred to as "turtle mark" dolls........probably because it is easier than remembering the actual manufacturer. Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid Fabrik Co. Mannheim-Neckarau, Bavaria. Offices in London, Paris, Berlin, and Vienna. Making celluloid dolls well into the 1950's.

Celluloid was considered quite flammable.......and can sometimes be so fragile it shatters.

I am not a qualified appraiser......but if you check on eBay under "Dolls Antique Pre 1930"

Type "celluloid" or "Turtle Mark" into the search window to bring up dolls of this type. Sellers provide many it will not be long before you find one similar in size.....which is important....and condition.

Thank you for writing,


This Question is from Wilma!


I have just purchased one of these Dydee dolls with the body fairly good. Is there any way I can preserve the rubber?

I had thought about baby oil as I have heard that is good for hard plastic.

Regards Wilma


Hi Wilma,

Keep the doll away from warm areas......heat vents, direct sunlight. I believe rubber is considered to be living, and you don't want to kill it. I have had friends who have applied a light coating of vaseline.....wipe off excess.

But, I prefer the natural least my own Dydees have maintained their suppleness through the years......and it is more fun.

I plop them in the sink and bathe like a baby once a year. Just a sponge bath.....don't submerge the body........that way no water gets inside.

Mostly you are trying to retain the moisture in the if the doll is in good condition now........avoiding heat will be the most important to preserve it.

I have never heard of putting baby oil on hard plastic. Actually, there is not much needed to preserve it. Just keep it out of direct light........or paint will fade. There is something in baby oil......perhaps just a hint of alcohol.......that will remove paint.....such as eyebrows and painted lashes. I don't think I would recommend it.

If you are cleaning the Dydee head.......just a damp cloth and buff. Nothing is going to happen to that little guy's head. When careful not to rub brows too hard. If he has a few dark marks......surface art gum eraser should remove. Use gently.

Enjoy your Dydee. They are such darling dolls.

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