Doll Questions With Answers Four

Doll Questions With Answers Four, The Fourth in a Series of Visitor Driven Doll Information

Okay, Folks, I may have listings up on eBay, I list dolls, doll clothes and doll furniture, and some other stuff.

With this Doll Questions With Answers Four, we continue questions from visitors and answers provided by Pam, this websites Doll lady.

If you are just browsing for any kind of information about dolls, you are most welcome to browse to your hearts content.

This Question is from Sherry!

Hi, I have been given a strawberry shortcake doll with the stroller it came with by a family member. She has the stamp on the back of her head reading "American Greetings Corp. 1982.

The doll is in great shape and has her original outfit and bonnet on, the stroller has the strawberry logo and the strawberry wheels. Now I want to sell this doll and was interested in finding out her value.

Can you please advise me on the going price for this doll or give me a web site where I can find out her price? Thank you,



Hi......Strawberry Shortcake dolls are very collectible........and are now sought by the adults who had them as a child. The fact that she has her stroller does increase the value. I love the strawberry smell that their body retains..........even now.

My suggestion to determine value would be to monitor the ebay closing auctions. Todays market value of ANY doll is identified by ebay! Go to eBay.....if you search there, you will come up with a reasonably accurate value.

Also, watch the ending auctions. If you are not a registered user you will need to register to search the completed listings area, it is free and takes only a moment or 2, and once registered you will be able to have fun looking around.

Thank you for writing! Good luck!


This Question is from Kathy!

Hi there, I really hope that you can help me, or at least guide me in the right direction. My mother recently passed away and left me all of her "Collectibles" - which include dolls, beanie babies, celluloid dresser sets, stuffed animals, advertising items (i.e. dolls, cars, stuffed animals, etc.), glassware and more.

My biggest concern is for the 2,000 dolls I now have. Many of these dolls can be identified (i.e. horseman, vogue, ideal, effanbee, Mattel, mego, Alexander, Shirley temple, McCall, cloth, black babies, Hasbro, etc., ) but there are several that simply say "made in Hong Kong" or have no mark at all. I am just simply overwhelmed with it all and just don't know where to begin.

What I am currently trying to do is just organize them by the manufacturer, then the year and from that point, I suppose I should list the condition they are in.

From what I have seen so far, many are not in the original outfit, though some are hard to tell, because my mother tried to sew outfits for them that were similar to the original (this also makes it hard for me to identify them since the outfit throws me off when I see a photo of the doll and try to match it up.

For example, I do have some Shirley Temple with a letter of authenticity and two of them have been signed by Hank Garfinkel and actually addressed to my mother, Katheryne....would the fact that her name in on the doll with the signature make this less valuable?

I am so lost here, there are so many dolls, and her wish was that I have a Doll Store. However, living in SF and the cost of renting a retail place is so out of the question for me that I have only eBay and maybe doll shows to help me sell them.

However, I have no clue as to what someone expects as far as the integrity of what I have to offer...for example, I may have a doll that can't bring in a good price because it is in poor condition, but perhaps someone else may have the same doll and need apart from it....can I sell that to them and what price guidelines to I go by?

I'm sorry for all the questions but believe me, I have many, many more...I just want to do the right thing, and I do want to sell them to others who can enjoy them. Can you please help me?

Thanking you in advance for any help or guidelines you can provide,



Hi Kathy!

I can imagine your dilemma! But, you have already started in the right direction.

First......I would suggest that you just list the dolls on ebay. The auctions there DO finalize with a close .....sometimes even more.........realization of value. The buyers know what the values are....and bid them up accordingly. Actually, you WOULD have the store your mother wanted you to have.......only online.

You have a computer. Do you have access to a digital camera?

You have already started grouping them. The "Hong Kong" dolls should probably be arranged together. They are cute dolls.........but not many collectors recognize that as yet.

With a group of can start the auction at 9.95............the first time. If no success lower the opening bid amount. Actually, you can start the auction at any value you wish.......the ebay listing fee varies on the amount.

Dolls which you have identified.........always put the name in the listing title.

There are many people out there looking for dolls in poor condition can also be sold.

The letter with the Shirley did not mention whether this is a newer version........but I am going to assume it is..........may be a promotional letter included with all dolls. But there is a definite value to it.....included with doll.

If you want to forward group photos to me when you are in doubt or need direction........please do. I love looking at dolls......and will try to assist as much as possible.

If we were in your area........we would have offered to list them for you. But, Montana is quite a leap from San Francisco.

There are probably many people in your area that are listing items for others on ebay. They do this for a fee........usually around 20% of final value........and you also pay the listing and ebay commission fee. They would then take care of the packing and shipping also. This is if you are working this may be a better option for you.

You mentioned there are other collections. These also can be sold on ebay.

You can even start getting an idea of some values now! Go to ebay. Then to "Dolls & Bears." Select a corresponding section...........for example....Shirley Temple. There are many photos.....and descriptions that will help you. Watch the end of auctions for the final auction price.

You can always have a your residence. Contact a library for the names of the local doll clubs and invite them to the sale. Also, advertise in the local paper. All dolls would have to be priced prior to sale.........and you would still have leftovers........but it would minimize the amount you are storing!

Or you can advertise as a collection. But, chances of full value or even close value being realized is slim.

Let me hear from you..........will try to help as much as possible.

Don't panic.......... Pam

This Question is from R'Neil!

Can you advise me about a doll from "The Gorham Doll Collection"? It's name is Gabrielle and has "Close to you" under the name on the tag.

Thanks you for your assistance.



Hi.........I am not familiar with the value of newer dolls.........but can give you a direction to determine a fair price.

The closet market value today is determined by the end auction price on ebay. If you go to the ebay home page.

Then to "Dolls & Bears".....type Gorham into will eventually find a match. Watch the end of the auction for near market price. Search individually for "Gabrielle."

If you do not find it the first time......check back often as the amount of dolls listed is massive.......and changes daily.....even hourly.

Wish I could have been of more assistance.


This Question is from Deborah!

Dear Doll Lady,

I have two dolls Daniel and Daniele from Goldburger dolls is the doll maker. The dolls are in the original box. It has never been opened.the # on the box is 7317. Could you please let me know the value of these dolls.




Hi ...... Goldberger made dolls for many years. You did not mention the approximate age of the dolls. But, I am going to suggest that you go to ebay to determine the value. I am not familiar with the values of newer dolls.

There are many price guides out there.........some available in libraries......but on ebay you will be able to observe the most accurate value by the end of their auctions.

Go to the ebay home page. Then "Dolls & Bears". Type in the names of the Then try Goldberger....and search. Always check the box next to "Search"......that says "search in titles and descriptions."

You may not find any matching auctions the first day........but, the number of dolls being listed daily, even it will only be a matter of time.

Thank you for writing..........good luck!


This Question is from Betsy!

Hi- What a great website! I am trying to start a doll collection--I have 2 old ones. A '67 skipper, a '62 MA Little Genius and some newer dolls. Yesterday, I purchased an Effanbee "The Happiest Family," the box is mint, and the original cellophane is still across the box.

Where would I find out the value and history of these? There are just so many books, and they all say something different! Thank you very much for your time.



Hi is me again.........just got to your first message!

What a wonderful treasure! I love the Happiest Family. You have a terrific start on your collection.

I know how confusing the books are. One of the more recent books I purchased conflicts several times in the same volume.

I read the information, but don't consider what I have read as "set in concrete". The books with many pictures are probably the most valuable to me. You can learn more by studying the clothing and faces.

If you are not already addicted to most of us are...........I would recommend their listings.........both to determine the end value of a doll..........and to obtain information. The end value of a doll on ebay is much closer to the "real" value than those set in price guides.

Most ebay sellers provide a good picture.........and a fairly accurate description........including age, some history......and other details of the doll. Some are not consistent.........but you will gain much knowledge just from reading the listings! If you have a printer, you can print the ebay listing page for future reference.

For the past seven years............all of my dolls have been purchased on ebay. I find more of what I am looking for...........and complete outfits on some of my other dolls that have been half naked for some time.

Just go to the ebay home "Dolls & Bears"............and you can shop all night!

If you are already addicted to sincerest wishes for your recovery. Tee hee.

If are in for an indescribable experience in the doll world!


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