Auction Sale History - March 2010

Auction Sale History of values and descriptions

Many of you are looking for information about dolls - their descriptions and values

Online auctions like eBay - Player auctions -, etc. have laid down the rules for value and descriptions of dolls and many other items.

We are, with permission from online auction sellers, recording completed online doll auctions and related items, along with a few pictures for each listing.

We will concentrate mainly on antique and collectible dolls and accessories, along with what they sold for, how many bids, when the auction ended, what category they were listed in and the online auction site used.

(keep in mind we are just now starting this, so eBay will be the auction site of choice to start with)

We are also interested in your online selling experience, whether it be VIA auctions, or just a straight selling web site, perhaps your own website. There is a form at the bottom of each page which you can use to tell us about your online selling experience.

The following information is important:

A good picture, one picture per form only (if you are able to cut and paste several pictures into one picture - that will work)

A good description:

The website it sold on:

The price it sold for:

The category it sold in:

How many times you listed it:

How many bids:

Was it a “buy it now”?:

If it was sold on your very own website - leave your URL in the form and we will enter a link to your web site.

Here are the links to the sold items that are presently up:

March 2010 - page one

"Page one" above deals with China Head dolls, Papier-Mache dolls, and Wax over Composition dolls - click on it!

March 2010 - page two

"Page two" above deals with Hard Plastic dolls, Vinyl dolls, Composition dolls, and German Bisque dolls - click on it!

March 2010 - page three

"Page three" above deals with a Glass Eyed Papier-mache doll, some doll quilts, pillows and toys, - click on it!

March 2010 - page four

"Page four" above deals with a couple of Horsman dolls, a Papier-mache doll, a Little Miss Fashion doll, a vintage store stock baby blanket, and miniature doll house items - click on it!

March 2010 - page five

"Page five" above deals with a Crissy Tippy Tumbles doll, uncut clothes for dolls , a Wendy Ann swivel waist compo doll, Ginny head band and hangers, and a GK in sun 133-28 doll head - click on it!

March 2010 - page six

"Page six" above deals with 1950's - 60's Vinyl dolls, doll stands, a Simon Halbig 530 head, and a Ginny or Ginny equestrian outfit - click on it! 

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