Some Auction Sales History April 2010

Auction Sale History April 2010 of values and descriptions

Here is the Auction History for the month of April, where we will show completed auction sales, information you may not get from the auction web sites - unfortunately, eBay will only show completed auctions going back for 15 days. Some of the other auction sites may not go back that far.

If you are looking for doll descriptions and values, along with the history of the manufacturer - we will try to provide this information.

There are many web sites that provide some very good information about dolls and their related items - when we find these sites, we will include a link along with the auction information.

We would really like to hear about your auction and sales experiences - at the end of each history page is a form which you can use to provide a picture and write a description of your experience.

A good picture, one picture per form only (if you are able to cut and paste several pictures into one picture - that will work)

A good description:

The website it sold on:

The price it sold for:

The category it sold in:

How many times you listed it:

How many bids:

Was it a “buy it now”?:

If you own a web site related to dolls, please write in the link to that site and we will place a link from our site to yours.

We will concentrate mainly on antique and collectible dolls and accessories, along with what they sold for, how many bids, when the auction ended, what category they were listed in and the online auction site used.

Here are the links to the sold items that are presently up:

April 2010 - page one 

Page one above deals with a Large Minerva tin head with glass eyes, some Vintage children's dresses for LARGE dolls, a doll marked only "Special little girl" and a Antique advertising tin plate - picturing a girl AND doll. 

April 2010 - page two

Page two above deals with some vinyl dolls, some Vintage doll dresses, and a Madame Alexander 1960's doll. 

April 2010 - page three

Page three above deals with some cloth embroidered doll size patches, some Raggedy Ann and Andy clothes, a Oriental Mollyes or Georgine doll, and a tagged Switzerland doll. 

April 2010 - page four

Page four above deals with a hard plastic doll, a Oriental Mollyes or Georgine cloth doll, a Spanish Mollyes or Georgine cloth doll and a tagged Georgine Holland boy cloth doll.

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eBay is a great wedsite for "value" information about dolls, or most anything else for that matter--however, in order to see what something has sold for, registration is required, so if you are looking for past sales of any particular doll, please register