Doll Questions With Answers Three

Doll Questions With Answers Three, The Third in a Series of Visitor Driven Doll Information

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With this Doll Questions With Answers Three, we continue questions from visitors and answers provided by Pam, this website Doll.lady.

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This Question is from Kathy!

 I have a pair of very old dolls and would like some information on these, They were handed down through some generations and I would really love to find out some info on them. I have attached a picture of them.

Their bodies are soft, and the heads and hands and half the legs appear to be china.

Thank You, Kathy


Hi Kathy.............I have not ever seen dolls like these before. They are more than likely "artist dolls." Made by an unknown, but they are beautiful. The separated fingers and her protruding ears are quite impressive. Usually, this type of doll lacks in detail......but these are an exception.

Sometimes the artist signs the back of the shoulder plate...........under the clothing. If the clothes are sewn to the doll, don't remove them.......the mystery just adds to their appeal.

Sorry I could not be of more help. They are lovely...........and a treasure to pass to another generation.


This Question is from Jeannie!

Hi, my daughter has come into possession of an antique doll. We can't find any information about this doll. It is on a stand, and the bottom says Saroff character-french consulate 1799-1815. It appears to be quite old. It states that the doll is entirely hand made. Can you tell me anything about this type of doll? I appreciate any information you can give me.

Thank you, Jeannie


Hi! It sounds as if she has a souvenir or travel doll. The type you describe were popular from the '30s through the '50s. Without actually seeing the doll it is difficult to determine the exact age.

The information attached to doll .....Saroff Character. The doll is apparently costumed to represent A French Consulate 1799-1815.

It seems that I have observed these dolls listed from time to time on ebay.....but am not familiar with their ending price.

Still, it is a nice collectible. If I can recall any more information about the Saroff dolls, I will get back to you.

Thank you for writing.


This Question is from Pat!

Dear Pam,

I have a black doll that was given to my mother in 1928. She is about 24 inches tall, soft body, hard material used for hands, legs, head, shoulder plate. She seems to be stuffed w/wood chips. Jointed at the shoulder w/metal pins. Molded hair. Head is in two parts (I can tell because of the seam that is coming apart). She has no visible markings. Can you give me some idea of what material the head, arms, legs could be made of, where she could have been made (the United States or abroad), etc.?

Thanks, Pat:-)


Hi Pat!

From your description, it sounds as if you have an American made doll. The hard substance is called Composition which is like a pressed composite of wood and glue. Many dolls during this era had molded hair. The fact that is a black doll makes it even more collectible.

It is difficult to determine what particular doll she or he is without a photo. You did well with the description though!

Thanks for writing!


This Question is from Lisa L!


My mother passed away recently and left my sister and me eight dolls that are between 55 and 60 years old.

Here are my questions:

1. Do you know of anyone who would be able to restore them so that they look like they looked 55 or 60 years ago? They have porcelain faces and are in reasonably good shape. But, their clothes have faded, and one of them has a crack on her forehead.

2. Do you know of some type of museum or agency that we could leave them to after we die? Neither my sister nor I have any children. We're in the process of writing our wills and are wondering if there is some type of museum or agency that we could leave them to.

Thanks! Lisa



In answer to the question regarding restoration. Check the local yellow pages of your phone book. If there is someone close to you, they will be listed.

The fading of the clothes is minor. If they are dressed as they were initially, it is better to preserve them as they are. The crack you describe on the forehead may not be as detracting as you feel. Old dolls bear their afflictions and flaws quite well.

The local library can provide information as to a museum that may have a place for them in the future. I do not know your locale, but am sure there is a receptive historical preservationist nearby.

A museum will have its own restoration artists, so do not worry about having them restored beforehand.

Good luck! Pam

This Question is from Joyce!


I have an antique doll.

On the back of the shoulders, it says Germany Ruth 16/0Can you give me any info on this doll. My grandmother gave it to me a long time ago. I don't know what it would appraise for. She has brown eyes, and they were movable at one time. She would be about a 14-inch doll and is bisque I believe.

Hope you can help me.Joyce


Hi Joyce..........

Your doll is more than likely a bisque head on a "kid" leather or similar body. "Ruth" was manufactured circa 1900. Though the manufacturer is not definite..........most consider the doll to have been made by W. A. Cissna.

Value is always determined by condition. Any cracks or chips on the bisque head decrease the value. Missing or chipped hands, etc also have a lesser impact on final value. A replaced body will also lower the final value of doll.

There are collectors who seek only old bisque dolls which have names......"Ruth", "Mabel", "Alma".

Final values reached on ebay for this "Ruth".....have been in the area of 100.00 to 200.00........that is with original body.........depending upon condition and eye appeal.

If you go to ebay..........and search the Antique doll section for "Ruth" on occasion..........and watch for the auction end.......the amount which the doll actually sells for will be a close evaluation of her value.

You are very fortunate to have a doll such as this that has come down through the family.

Thank you for writing.


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