Six In A Series Of Online Action Sales History

A auction record of a Tiffany Taylor doll, Nancy Ann doll hats, and doll size shoes

Here is the sixth May, 2010 history installment of many doll and doll related online auction sales. Hopefully, many questions about values can be answered here and in the up-coming additions to this website.

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Item Name: Nancy Ann Debbie hats and stuff

Listed in category: Dolls & Bears >Dolls >Clothes & Accessories >Antique & Vintage

And Dolls & Bears >Dolls >By Brand, Company, Character >Nancy Ann >Other

Ended: May 27, 2010 at 09:42:20 PDT

Listed: 1

Bid history: 9 bids

Sold for: $21.52 on eBay

Item description

Straight from an estate sale this past weekend.

I haven't any idea if the contents of boxes are correct. One box is "Debbie's Special Occasion Styles".......there are three very nice hats in this box. Two "straw" and one red soft felt with maribou. Very good condition hats.

The other box is a wreck. "Debbie's Valentine". Certain this stuff did not come in the box. There are two hats in this box.....a maroon felt bonnet and a pink felt trimmed with flowers. A bunch of bows, ribbons.

And two weird little animals......lion and poodle.....pipe cleaner type with vinyl heads. Hats very good. All hats fit larger size doll.....Debbie......too large for Muffie.

TOTAL 5 hats

The person who owned these was a smoker.......but I have added dryer sheets.....tied them in a bag......and the odor is going away.

You may need to do it again..... There is no discolor from smoke on items.... I am very sensitive to even the mildest odor of smoke.......and it is already much better.

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Nancy Ann Dolls

Item Name: vintage Cinderella size 01 shoes---Debbie?

Listed in category: Dolls & Bears >Dolls >By Brand, Company, Character >Nancy Ann >Other

and Dolls & Bears >Dolls >Clothes & Accessories >Antique & Vintage

Ended: May 27, 2010 at 09:42:36 PDT

Listed: 1

Bid history: 8 bids

Sold for: $37.00 on eBay

These items were purchased at an estate auction in Livingston, Montana.

Item description

Straight from estate auction this past weekend.

Lot of Cinderella ....size 01 shoes. I think these fit Nancy Ann Debbie or similar dolls.....but check measurements to be certain.

Approximately 1 3/4" long....1 1/8" across toes.....maybe tad smaller.

They are as found......soiled......the former owner was a they will need to be washed.

  One "nub" is missing on one red shoe closure.....that would secure strap.

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Nancy Ann Dolls

Item Name: Big 25 inch composition fixer for practice or AS IS

Listed in category: Dolls & Bears >Dolls >By Material >Composition

Ended: May 27, 2010 at 09:55:47 PDT

Listed: 1

Bid history: 5 bids

Sold for: $19.59 on eBay

Item description


Large 25" composition head and limbs.

Needs to be restored........or if your eyes are bad.....leave him as is.

Overall imprint on his lower if he melted onto his wrappings.

 Swelling at side of one eye.    Eyes......little off kilter.....some lashes missing on one eye.....eyes crystallized........some lashes are hard .....something on them.

Just look at the pictures.........he needs help!!!!! Legs have lifting and skin loss.

Perfect for those of you who restore.


Wise Geek composition dolls

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Antique Composition Dolls

Item Name: 1970's Ideal Tiffany Taylor

Listed in category: Dolls & Bears >Dolls >Clothes & Accessories >Antique & Vintage

Ended: May 27, 2010 at 10:44:42 PDT

Listed: 1

Bid history: 3 bids

Sold for: $12.22 on eBay

Item description

Ideal made some absolutely beautiful dolls in the early 1970's.

This is one of them. Tiffany Taylor.

The top of her head turns to change hair color. Approximately 18" tall.

Lovely color. Fingers intact......tip of one thumb has nick. She is nude.

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Ideal Tiffany doll

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