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Antique Doll Sales May 2010 number one - a Rushton monkey ZIP

and girl friend, Allied and Plasco doll furniture and a 20 inch vintage doll body with pictures, values, descriptions and much more….

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Here is the first May history installment of many doll and doll related online auction sales. This installment deals with Rush monkey ZIP and girl friend, Allied and Plasco doll furniture and a 20 inch vintage doll body. Hopefully, many questions about values can be answered here and in the up-coming additions to this website.

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Item Name: Large 20 inch antique doll body red corset

Listed in category: Dolls & Bears >Dolls >Antique (Pre-1930) >China

Ended: May 03, 2010 at 08:09:01 PDT

Listed: 1

Bid history: 13 bids

Sold for: $134.72 on eBay

Item description

Approximately 20" long.......4 3/4" to  5" across shoulders.

2 1/4" front to back.....approximately.

Heavy old glue residue on shoulders.

Cloth body with simulated red corset and stockings.

Upper cloth arms have no stuffing.....and leather arms appear to be reattached to cloth with old leather.

  Tear in cloth on one arm.

It has had a few stitches at one knee......which have come undone.

Leather? attached boots......one has an old leather repair at ankle......see photos.

OVERALL old seam repairs.

There is a hole on one leg that is leaking a bit of sawdust.


Still a great old body for a china head.

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Item Name: tiny vintage Allied doll house furniture

Listed in category: Dolls & Bears >Dollhouse Miniatures >Miniatures >Vintage (Pre-1970) >Furniture & Home Decor >Other

Ended: May 03, 2010 at 07:51:47 PDT

Listed: 1

Bid history: 4 bids

Sold for: $11.71 on eBay

Item description

Small scale vintage plastic doll house furniture. Allied - Made in USA

Refrigerator 2 1/8" high.

Bed with removable plastic spread 2 3/4" long.

3 toilets.....one missing lid. Kitchen sink. Bathtub 2 hampers

Pink vanity has missing piece front bottom 2 chests. 1 low chest

3 night stands ....2 have tape residue.

Tiny bench Yellow vanity missing foil mirror Chair

Sofa missing back legs Corner cabinet missing back leg

TV Oval table Hutch

AS FOUND I have not cleaned.

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Item Name: Rushton monkey Zip and his girlfriend

Listed in category: Dolls & Bears >Dolls >By Brand, Company, Character >Other Toys & Hobbies >Stuffed Animals >Vintage

Ended: May 03, 2010 at 07:01:20 PDT

Listed: 1

Bid history: 5 bids

Sold for: $38.98 on eBay

Item description

They have been together for a very long time......so they must travel together.   How could they be split up??!!!

Both are marked "Copyright the Rushton Co." on the bottom of their shoes.  Only Zip has a tag on his pants.......Assembled in Haiti....1982.

The Rushton Company.  .....Atlanta, Ga.

They are as found......hair needs brushing......faces, shoes and hands need washing.

I don't see any damage on vinyl appendages.

  His hat is in holey condition...see photo.

 He is about to lose a button on his pants.

 Her under pants have a stretched waist.  One half of snap on back of her dress is missing.  No tags on her clothing.

Overall normal age soil and wear.

They are a handsome pair.

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Rushton monkey

Item Name: vintage doll house furniture larger Plasco

Listed in category: Dolls & Bears >Dollhouse Miniatures >Miniatures >Vintage (Pre-1970) >Furniture & Home Decor >Other

Ended: May 03, 2010 at 07:51:51 PDT

Listed: 1

Bid history: 7 bids

Sold for: $14.00 on eBay

Item description

Larger scale all hard plastic vintage doll house furniture.

My favorite group. These are unmarked.

The chiffrobe has movable drawer. Approx. 4" high....3" wide.

It has chip on front.....crack and piece missing on back of drawer.....see photos.

Matching vanity.....and stool.......approximately 3 3/8" wide.....4 1/2" high.  Drawers pull out.  

Marked Plasco....Table and 3 chairs. Coffee table..... and broken bathinette.....missing lid.

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