Old Ghost Town Dump Doll Parts

Dump Doll Parts, Finds From Some Old Ghost Towns

Dump Doll Parts

Lost children finding their way home. You really have to have a strong desire to go to some of the dungeons of the earth where lost dolls reside. If you are looking for old doll parts, look in old dumps.

Old outhouses. In large cities, trash was burned in the backyard as late as the 1950's......areas around where the trash can stood sometimes yield lost dolls and doll parts.

But, I have forded the dumps of ghost towns for dump doll parts! Sounds easy, huh? You just wear your scroungiest clothing, layer for the weather if it is cold. Haul a shovel and a bag for your treasures.

And most important......high top boots in case the snakes are out searching too. Bet I lost a bunch of you that time.

Let's see how many I can lose on this adventure when I get into the process. After you hike over hills of old trash and rusted debris (some people will go to any length for these little dump doll parts and dump dolls), for absolutely no logical reason at all you pick a particular area to dig!

Rodents and bugs scatter when you break ground. The ground is probably hard......sometimes even frozen.......but you get a hole started. Now, you think there should be a complete small bisque doll in the first shovels full, don't you? Wrong.

Maybe a 20-foot trench later you have found apart. Maybe. The easy civilized way to obtain "dump" doll parts is to attend the local bottle show or befriend a member of the local bottle club. These hardy collectors go on field trips to dig for bottles, but often times find dump dolls and dump doll parts, with the same intense desire that you shop for baby dolls.

The wives of the bottle collectors have convinced the "diggers" that they should also collect the lost bisque dump doll parts for them, instead of discarding them as they dig. These parts show up at bottle shows for sale on the tables of bottle collectors.

When I first met my husband, I had finally convinced him that he would have a wonderful time digging and sweating and finding nothing of value in the old stinky, decaying Tonopah, Nevada dump. He relented, and we went to treasure hunt!!!! ...ONE TIME! The ground did yield one entire doll, just hanging together on a rusted wire.

He then convinced me that it would be easier, cleaner, more comfortable shopping in Antique Malls for dolls.

These little girls on the right even had glass eyes.

Little lost dolls are occasionally found under a piece of debris which has protected them from the elements.

The little bisque doll in his original wood rocking chair was found sheltered in this manner. He was dug from the Goldfield, Nevada dump many years ago. Even his little shirt is still intact.

Through shopping on the eBay 24 hour a day, seven day a week doll show, I acquired a doll that is very dear to my heart.

Though she is not a bisque, but a china head, she appears here because she was lost many years...and is now found. 

eBay has a rather large set of listings of vintage Bisque dolls for sale, if you are interested in a purchase, or to find values if looking for costs, it is necessary to register with eBay.

A small china head doll with a very crude homemade body, she is not a beauty to most. She was found recently among many old bottles between two old buildings in Golden, Colorado.

The buildings were dated 1887. As a child, I may have walked past this lost doll many times. She still wears her weathered dress.

One person's trash is DEFINITELY a doll collector's treasure!!!!

If you have small bisque dolls needing parts......go to eBay.......dolls&bears......parts. There have been "lots" of recently surfaced bisque dump doll parts listed that have been found in Germany.

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