Simon Halbig Heinrich Handwerck # 550

by Susan
(Kelseyville, CA, USA)

Pretty girl in Rattan chair

Pretty girl in Rattan chair

This lovely doll was part of my mothers collection. She not only collected but repaired antique dolls for others. This one was my favorite. I named her Rachel.

Her dress is antique fabric but not as old as the doll. It looks very pretty on her though.

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Jun 07, 2019
570 Simon and Halbig doll
by: Billie Jane Maul

Where can I sell this doll? She is blue eyed, Heinrick Hanowerck body stamped. Condition not good. Value is probably in head, No original clothes but a picture of my mother with doll circa 1900. I need to get rid of her. Help!!


Feb 22, 2018
Simon Halbig 9-1/2
by: Lindag

My grandmother got a doll from her father in the early 1900's. She said it came from a promotion in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal. If you subscribed to the paper, you would get a doll. It's a 24" Heinrich Handwerck doll. The Simon Halbig head has a 9-1/2 at the base. She has auburn hair and weighted blue glass eyes. Does anyone know anything about such a promotion? Was the doll part of a special production for the promotion? What could her name be? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Feb 19, 2011
help me
by: malcolm

i was given a beautiful dolly from an old friend, it as a porcelian head and shoulders, hands and feet, the rest of body is padded, she is dressed in lace, could you possibly tale me who made her, on the back of the head is a mark, reading H.154 MY EMAIL IS

Nov 30, 2010
by: Jeanne

I have a handwerck doll #3, which I don't have too much info on.....please help

Aug 16, 2010
we have the doll with german head and body
by: loyann and irmgard

we don't know a lot about dolls and would love it if someone could help us...we have a 27 inch heirich handwerck body and simon & hal big head with a #5 on the base of the neck when we push it really far forward, don't want to take it off...she has blue eyes..we are looking to sell her but unsure of what she is valued at so we may ask a correct fair price for her...can anyone help us, thanks

Dec 27, 2009
Simon Halbig
by: Elizabethkiwi

I like your doll, and like a lot of collectors, Simon Halbig are among my favorites.

I have a 570, such a cute face, almost pixie like. And the 550, well, just beautiful. I also love the 99 and the 79 molds, what gorgeous expressions, so serene.....And some of the heads have larger eyes, almost almond shaped, I've noticed some in the 1079 and 1078 molds....

I believe a lot of these were produced for the French market too. Although way too many sellers on eBay are fond of putting "produced for the French Market" on their dolls.

That's probably true of Simon Halbig heads with french bodies, but to put that phrase on a Simon Halbig head with a German body is pushing hope too far.

What are other opinions on this?

I've been collecting for a very long time, but certainly I'm not an expert.....cheers everyone, from Elizabeth in New Zealand

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