Composition doll

by Erin Cautillo

I went to the Brimfield Antiques Show this weekend in Brimfield Massachusetts.

I fell in love with this doll when she caught my eye at the first tent I went into. I asked how much and the vendor said $60. I passed her up and kept walking around for 2 hours.

I kept thinking about her. At the end of the day I went back and asked the vendor about the doll before leaving for the day. They had packed her away but knew where she was and pulled her out and I bought her for $40.

I am so happy I did because I'd hate to see her stored away in a box again. I feel she needed a loving home. I am not a doll collector and in fact I have no other dolls, not since I was a little girl.

Just wondering how old she is and who her maker is? She has some cloth repairs but I can feel a round speaker box in her back. She has porcelain teeth and sleepy, green, eyes. There is some minor cracking & Crazing in her composition paint and molded hair.

Any information would be welcome! Thanks!
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