I was a Lucky Little Girl

by Harriett

I was given my Raving Beauty by the man that designed her. Howard Black and his family were our neighbors in Los Angeles, in the 50s. He sold some of the dolls, and many of the clothes out of their home.

For my sixth birthday I was presented with my doll, that I still have to this day....she will be passed on to my granddaughter someday...I hope she will love her as much as I have over the years....

I still have 2 western outfits, missing the shoes...her wedding dresses, also missing the shoes...a blue dress...negligee, and robe....and a few other of her outfits....I would not take anything for this doll she was given in love and has been kept in love....

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Oct 24, 2011
Another Raving Beauty
by: Anonymous

You were a lucky little girl Harriett! In my opinion, the Raving Beauty is one of the finest dolls that were made. I received mine on one of my early birthdays - probably about 7 years old. We lived in California also, Fresno at that time.

My parents gave me a party and as I opened my present from them, here was this cotton rag doll that had hair made of the brightest red yarn ever!
My parents were stunned as they had ordered it from a magazine and it wasn't anything like what they ordered. They felt so badly!

The ragdoll got mailed back and very soon a large box arrived with this lovely doll with a beautiful blue taffeta dress and very stylish hair. Besides that, she even walked. I was, without doubt, the happiest child ever! I've always called her Alice in Bluegown. I don't know if she came with that name or I gave it to her. But I still have her after sixty some years and wouldn't part with her for anything! She is still just as lovely and in good condition.

However, if I ever found a place to purchase a few new outfits, I sure would do so! Thanks for sharing your story. Not surprised that the man who designed her was from L.A. I think the label on my box said Gardenia, CA. Must have been close by to where he lived. Interesting!

Enjoy your doll Harriet! We're never too old!

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