aw germany

by simon
(norfolk, uk)

Today I was busy clearing out a hoarders house in Norfolk, UK. As you can imagine NOTHING has been thrown away for years.

When I moved a large pine box I had a look to see what the contents were, a variation of old moldy Rupert annuals and random mildew covered boxes.

The largest was a pink box, bigger than a shoe box with a pretty picture of a doll on the ends. This caught my eye as being a quality item so I had a look inside.

Peering back at me was a beautiful doll, as I tilted the box she closed her eyes which I thought was rather nice. Her exposed 'skin' was covered with a mildew type substance which rubbed off easily revealing an unblemished surface.

She appears to be wearing a full baby outfit inclusive of a very tidy and neat nappy.
There are other clothes in the box too.
As I perused her I found a marking on the back of the neck... A W GERMANY, with what I think is 518 3.5K below.

I have done a quick search on the net for references but have found none. Can anybody help me?

I will add that this still remains in the box as it belongs to the old lady and I think it would be rather nice for her if I could establish a possible value, I might even take it in payment for works done.

O yes, sorry didn't think to photograph it. Might do another day.

If it possible to reply on this forum then I will check back if not then you could help...


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