my dream baby.

by shontay taylor
(norwich uk)

my first two antique dolls.

my first two antique dolls.

I have only been collecting antique dolls since the summer(09), I have now in total three, two 20" Kestners with shoulder plates and soft bodies and one dream baby, 12".

My first two were collected from an antique shop on the same day. I only went in for the Kestner and came out with a dream baby too, they sat together and I didnt like to leave the little dream baby all alone.

Now, I would never part with those two, my first.

I'm looking forward to next summer and collecting a couple more:)

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Feb 24, 2013
AM My Dream Baby
by: Sue

Does anyone want to buy a My Dream Baby doll, she has been in my family since 1920 but now I have no one to pass her onto and would like her to go to someone who will appreciate her. she is not in the original clothing but a dress made by my Grandmother in 1950.

Feb 14, 2010
more,more and more
by: Shontay Taylor.

Thank you Elizabethkiwi, you know your children are right, and I must admit I am addicted to collecting antique dolls.......then as you say there are clothes, shoes, socks and I just bought a wig for a new pretty girl I got from eBay.

She looked so sad with just this cuboard tuft. I have added 3 to my collection now. I sold my Kestner, I didn't think I ever would but I feel in love with the child size.

I managed to just win one on eBay a 24" pretty life like girl, so my first went to fund her.

I still have my sweet little dream baby. The last one I got was about a month ago, she's 18" tall, can't wait for her wig to arrive so she will look a lot happier, lol.

I wake up and think, antique dolls eBay.......then again last thing at night. Your right looking for that little look, and how funny is it, when you see one and she ends up yours,its such a good addiction,:)
regards, Shontay.

Dec 20, 2009
Shontay's dolls
by: elizabethkiwi

Shontay, your two dolls look great, and you sound like you are completely thrilled with your antique dolls.
This wonderful hobby, or obsession as my children like to call it, will keep your life interesting. You will always be on the lookout for a doll that presses your buttons and you just have to have! And your life will be fun and fulfilled....

But be warned, a couple of antique dolls will never be enough for the true doll obsessionist.
Very soon, you will be hunting down tiny shoes, old wigs, tatty (but beautiful to you) and "have to have" antique clothes for your dolls. You will scrimp and save every cent you can for just one more doll!

congratulations! and warm regards from Elizabethkiwi

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