my new gift

by Shannon
(Union, ME)

When I was a girl my grandmother used to let me, and only me, play with her childhood dolls, and allow me to handle my great grandmother's giant bisque doll. I loved that doll and always talked with my grandmother about her.

All those memories came back to me when I came across this doll while at an antique store with my parents and my six year old daughter. I almost bought her on the spot, but decided it wouldn't be very practical and put her back.

Well, my daughter remembered and a few weeks later dragged my husband to the antique store and they bought her for about $25. She has the original mohair wig with two possibly original metal clips holding it back. I've found several other small hair pins in it, but not sure what to do with them.

She is marked Armand Marseille Germany 390n A3M.

She came with a slip and white dress, which are also old, but I'm not sure if they are original. There are weighted blue eyes inside her head.

I'm interested in learning more about her and open to ideas on stopping further damage to her composition body- she's lost a finger, and her feet have holes. Her legs seem loose.

I've tried to upload a picture, but it is too big. I'll keep working on getting it on here.

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