A M Doll 7 Dep made in Germany

by John
(Mississauga Canada)

Hi, my name is John. I have a bunch of dolls which were headed to the dump and among them is the doll mentioned above.

She is 21 inches tall in good condition. A picture is available, but I don't know how to upload it.

I have looked in many sites and have not found a doll marked ......A M 7 Dep. Can any one tell me what the value is approx. of the doll.

My email is......gambeen@hotmail.com. I am not certain if her dress is original. Thank you, John

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Nov 19, 2009
AM Doll 7 Dep Germany
by: elizabethkiwi

Hi John - your doll is an Armand Marseille. Take a look on ebay under that name, then look for dolls with that marking and that size. You need to make sure the bisque head is without hairlines etc, and you can do that by shining a torch into the head whilst looking from the outside, damage should then show up. Collectors like clear photos, like an undressed doll with her wig right off so that we can see all the bisque. Do eyes sleep, any marks on the bisque which will just wipe off, etc......But, even if she has a hairline, you will still get something for her because some collectors look for antique bodies....Good luck John, and remember the more information you supply and the clearer your photos, the better you will do.....

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