A 378 M, German Ethnic Costume

by Ruthanne
(Bessemer, MI, USA)

A 378 M

A 378 M

I have been a doll collector for 30 years. Many have come and gone on to new homes.

Right now I have 2 Celluloid German Ethnic Costume dolls given to me by a special woman who is now passed. She brought them back during WWII.

Another is a German wooden head/human hair/cloth body, unmarked but sweet as can be. Two small German babies my father brought back during WWII that are unmarked and my mother named Pete & RePete!

The most gorgeous of them is my Armand Marseille 378. She has beautiful Blue sleep eyes, cloth body and her original Ethnic Clothes, missing only one Pom Pom on a shoe. I have had her for several years (Ebay purchase) but have not seen another 378 listed, other then a mention of the mold number.

I know AM dolls were also used with other companies, but have no clue which one this could have come from. She has the old Excelsior stuffing and is fully jointed but only about 11" tall.

I have seen one other AM Ethnic 390 that was referred to as being a painted bisque. She may be one of the painted bisque heads. Have no clue which company did the painted AM Dolls. Any ideas?


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