Composition Dolls Internationally Dressed

International Dressed Composition Dolls

This group tends to reflect the attire of mystical, legend or literature. The redhead on the left is either ancient Greece or Rome. Her hair is wound with ribbon, and her filmy toga is richly adorned with antique metallic trim.

I have studied the second doll many times.....and keep coming back to "Merchant of Venice." Long black rayon robe with pearls. Stiff human hair.

The third girl reminds me of Maid Marian from Robin Hood. Metallic gold lace cap and trim on her sheer dress.

The fourth girl may represent another unknown figure from literature. She also wears a sheer gown and has a gold metallic crown.

The last is probably "Robin Hood" as there is a handmade bow and quiver. Filmy sheer outfit.

Tagged as "Mistress of the Fox Hunt," the first girl wears a jaunty hat, sports a riding outfit and carries a hand-braided leather crop.

Tucked way up under the skirt of the second doll was a tag that identifies her as "Vienna, Austria." You might expect her to waltz away in her taffeta gown and huge hat adorned with Ostrich feather.

The next girl is obviously a bride as she wears a satin gown with a very long net veil.

The last doll has a tag. She is "Russian Bride." Her high, starched lace cap is reminiscent of old Russia's head attire. Her satin gown has small pearls to accent.

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A tiny basket perched on the head of the girl on the left. She may represent a South American country. Large hoop earrings and a skirt hand embroidered by her creator. I am still amazed at the small detail that received personal attention as she dressed this army of dolls.

The second girl has a tag "Guatemala-Festival." Wears little wire bracelets and beads. The girl is not identified but also suggests the same area in her festive satin dress.

The last girl wears a woven straw hat which suggests Peru. She wears very detailed tiny sandals created from the same trim she wears at her waist.

On the left is a darling little girl with the most detailed bonnet. She wears a tiny vest with very teeny metal bead buttons. Her handwritten tags identifies her as "Saguenay (French Canadian)".

The second girl is not tagged but suggests region in the United Kingdom. Perhaps Welsh?

The next girl wears multi floral weskit, kerchief, and apron. She is tagged "Yugoslavia."

The fourth girl bears no identification, but the scarf and apron suggest she is also from Eastern Europe. Again, there is generous use of antique metallic gold trim.

The last girl is tagged as "Mary of Old Ireland." She wears a plaid shawl with wool fringe and long painted white stockings. Strawberry human hair.

Handwritten on a very old torn piece of newspaper is the identity of the girl on the left. "Austria". She wears a satiny gown and full lace headgear.

Although untagged, the second girl suggests Eastern Europe. She wears a laced dirndl and white organdy cap and apron.

The girl in the middle bears tag "Dutch Festival." Large taffeta ruffled cap and satin dress. This was a hard photo to capture as hats were so large they resisted grouping.

The fourth young lady is Eastern Europe in appearance. Floss floral trim on a wool dress. The last girl has a Spanish or South American demeanor. Sequinned bow on satin skirt with wide lace hat.

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