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This group of girls seems to be representative of Eastern Europe. The first two are untagged. A lavish use of velvet, sequins and ribbons is evident.

The third girl is attired in organdy with embroidered organdy trim. Delicate lace cap has a long veil in back over the same length of dark material. She is tagged "Hungarian Bride".

The fourth girl is not identified, but wears a laced dirndl, cotton stripe skirt and floral lace cap. The last girl is a bit unusual.......may even be from a Mideast region. She wears a cotton turban cap. Striped cotton skirt and apron. The artist even hand embroidered tiny red flowers by using French knots on her yellow collar or shawl.

composition dolls dressed in costume

She had to be photographed by herself as the large multi color lace cap obstructed any others in photo. Tagged "Czechoslavakia-Moravia". Her costume is organdy, embroidery and multi color ribbons. Very striking!

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composition dolls dressed in costume

There are some unusual costumes in this group. The girl on the left wears a unique organdy and lace cap. Not identified......but could she be Sweden?

The second girl wears another lavish costume which is attributed to "Bride of Czechoslavakia". I realize this may be incorrect spelling......but quoting what is written on tags. She wears embroidered organdy over a dotted Swiss dress.

The third girl is Dutch in appearance but does not have a tag. The back of her cap is red. The fourth girl is not identified but has a definite "gypsy" influence. She wears a hand embroidered vest, a floral scarf and skirt.

The girl on the right wears a very distinctive costume but I am unable to put her in a region. Her jacket has rope trim, her skirt has a checked peplum that is topped by her floral apron. Very detailed costume for such a small doll.

composition dolls dressed in costume

The girl on the left is either South American or possibly Native American. Her hair is comprised of thread! I can not imagine the time spent or the patience required to create just her coif!

The second doll wears a heavy wool skirt with multi color bead necklace and a quirky felt hat. For some reason I want to place her in South America.....but may be wrong.

The third girl has a tag that was stuck way up under clothing. It identifies her as "Samoa Island Girl". I would have thought South America......as she wears a long floral fringe shawl and flowers over her ear.

The girl with the large red straw hat is "Brazil". She wears a dotted Swiss organdy blouse with a bright striped cotton skirt.

The girl on the right has human hair braids to her knees. Polka dot skirt with a wild print shawl. Time was spent to create her black sombrero which was hand embroidered by creator.

composition dolls dressed in costume

From the left. I don't know where to place her! She wears a satin gown with two large skirt ruffles that reflect Spanish influence. Multi color string fringe neckline. She wears a large flower in her human hair.

The second doll wears a gown with three wide ruffles on skirt. Definitely Spanish. Strands of beads at neck and on wrist. Large flower on band in hair.

The third wears a tag "Spanish Dancer". Rows of organdy ruffles and an embroidered shawl. She wears flowers in her human hair which is twisted into high bun.

The fourth is another Spanish type who wears red taffeta trimmed with black lace. Flower and black lace in her hair and large hoop earrings.

The last girl is either Spanish or Mexico. Her gown is satin with artist hand embroidered flowers on skirt. She has a lace head dress and veil.

composition dolls dressed in costume

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