Composition Dolls in East European Costumes

Groups of Composition dolls dressed in East European costume

Far left is Eastern Europe in appearance. She wears a laced black velvet dirndl and high black boots. A snood covers her mohair wig. The girl with orange skirt is tagged "Hungarian". Artist hand embroidered flowers on a wool apron. Perhaps one of the first she created as workmanship is not as meticulous.

The third girl is also tagged "Hungary". She wears a laced dirndl and multi floral kerchief and skirt. The fourth girl is not tagged but obviously represents the Dutch region. She has yarn hair.

Her costume is cotton multi prints with lace blouse. The last girl is tagged "Switzerland". She wears a separate collar with matching apron. Her head piece ties under the chin.

Unknown doll on left does have the look of Eastern Europe. Tiny artist embroidered flowers and beads on a vest constructed of wide verigated ribbon.

The second girl is tagged "Polish Bride". Intricate antique lace and embroidered organdy. Floral print skirt and high black leather boots crafted by artist.

The third girl wears a long red kerchief on her head. Lavish use of wide embroidered trims of all colors. Unknown. The fourth girl is probably representative of Eastern Europe......somewhere. The teeniest beads were used as buttons. She wears a floral overskirt.

The last girl is tagged "Spanish Peasant". She wears many strands of beads and a large foil crucifix. A reminder that the creator of the costumes on these dolls did not have the many miniatures manufactured today to choose from, but made her own accessories from whatever she considered appropriate. The girl wears a multi print head scarf with lace and a huge bow on back.

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We are now on our way to the Middle East. Left to right. Intricate costume of satin with gold metallic and multi color floss trim. Hand painted gilt organdy veil with beaded head band. Tiny hand made brocade sandals. No tag. The second girl has the East European Gypsy influence.

She wears a satin costume with a sequinned weskit. Large pearl earrings, necklace and bracelets. The third girl is tagged "Bethlehem". Two rows of "coins" across her forehead. Multi color materials with velvet sleeves.

The fourth is from unknown region. She wears a black velvet cap with floss tassle on top. Her shawl is lace with a red faille skirt. The last wears a "coin" necklace. Her costume is rayon with multi color sash at waist.

This group has some of my favorite costumes. Left to right. First girl wears balloon type pants, cotton blouse and a lace head veil. Head band adorned with "coins". Middle East.......but, where?

The second is tagged "Harem Dancing Girl". Her veils appear to be from an old scarf. Large sequins and gold metallic trim.

The third is tagged "Turkey". Taffeta balloon pants with metallic lace weskit. Embroidered net blouse.

The fourth is tagged "Kirquiz-In Asia". The doll wears a long wool coat over floral skirt. The turban is adorned with beads and cotton fringe. Long beaded strands hang from turban sides.

The last doll wears an intricate layered costume. Striped pants with ruffle at ankle. Floral overskirt with a contrasting stripe apron. Multi print jacket. Tiny beads as buttons. Although costume is entirely glitz or is one of the most striking.......and a favorite.

Left to right. The first girl is tagged "Czechoslavakia". Not the elaborate costume as seen in previous photos but extremely well made and detailed. She wears a laced dirndl and organdy blouse.

The second dolls identification tag surprised me......"Sicily". Lavish use of fine embroidered lace. Red orange mohair wig.

The third is another with Eastern Europe appearance. Ribbon in hair has been hand beaded by the artist. Sheer blouse and unusual rows of multi "loop" bodice.

The fourth wears muted floral print cottons. Two contrasting checks. Very attractive. The last girl wears a floral rayon kerchief with large flowers. Her costume is organdy with tiny red embroidery. Human hair wig.

Left to right. The first doll is tagged "Morocco". Exquisite layered costume with balloon pants, short jacket, multi colored turban and tiny bead shirt buttons.

The second is untagged. Long velvet dress with white cotton veil. Heavy antique gold metallic lace trim.

The third doll is tagged "Ethiopia". She wears tiny woven straw sandals and an all white costume with mesh veil.

The fourth has balloon pants. "Coins" adorn the bodice. Large forehead ornament may have been an old earring.

The last wears unusual draped balloon type pants over straight leg trousers. Long tiny bead necklace, short apron and floral head scarf.

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