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More Opportunities For a Doll Reference Guide to help with Identification--Value? One of These Books May Do the Trick!

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Okay Folks, I may have listings up on eBay, I list dolls, doll clothes and doll furniture, and some other stuff, click on my eBay ID above!! Simon & Halbig Dolls: The Artful Aspect (Hardcover)

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Book Description

Latest reference book for collectors by this author! 26 beautiful color and 445 b/w photographs with extensive details for each doll. Historical background to this German doll's head maker. Greatest variety of S&H molds ever shown! Exposes the collector to the captivating Simon & Halbig faces plus the accurate identification desired by collectors. 236 pages.

From the Inside Flap

This valuable reference book concerns itself with the beautiful doll heads produced by the Simon & Halbig porcelain factory in Grafenhain near Ohrduf, Thuringen, Germany, from the 1880s to the 1920s. These beautiful, high quality dolls heads are a close second choice to the heads made by the J.D. Kestner company, also of Germany. Such well-known names in the German and French doll industry as Kammer & Reinhardt, C.M. Bergmann, Heinrich Handwerck, Jumeau and Roullet & Decamps purchased doll heads from Simon & Halbig and attached them to their own bodies.

Simon & Halbig was known for excellent sculpting of their doll heads, and the high quality of their bisque (porcelain). Among collectors, a Simon & Halbig head, regardless of the maker of the body, makes that doll a Simon & Halbig creation. Consequently, the doll heads illustrated in this book on another doll maker's bodies could all come under the designation "Simon & Halbig".

The author's extensive research, as well as the 539 black-and-white and 26 color illustrations make this an invaluable reference work for the serious collector. Included here are chapters on their well-known dolly faces, character dolls, all-bisques, toddlers and lady dolls.

Studying the extensive selection of faces and memorizing the mold numbers will enable a collector to identify a Simon & Halbig doll from a distance. All this and more makes this compilation of mold numbers, dates and marks the most complete and up-to-date reference book available to collectors on Simon & Halbig doll heads.

Dolls : Antique Bisque Conservation (Paperback)

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Book Description

The definitive book on what collectors need to know about the care of the bisque dolls of French and German origin. Beginning with identification and the features of both the antique and reproductions of the antique bisque dolls, Caruso discusses doll repair, eye repair, wig care, making cloth bodies, doll costuming and accessories.

The author takes a realistic approach to doll repair-that which allows dolls to be restored to realistic standards but which does no harm to the doll. Clear step-by-step instructions for stringing dolls, setting eyes, styling wigs and much more, this book should be in the library of every collector who owns a bisque doll. 150 color plus 150 black/white photos. 176 pages.

From the Back Cover

This reference book will be invaluable to anyone who owns bisque dolls. The information about handling dolls, and how to style wigs applies to modern dolls as well as antiques.

Step-by-step directions, including photographs, on how to restring a ball jointed composition body, how to set eyes and make eye repairs, how to replace broken fingers, how to mend leather bodies, and how to cover damaged bodies, and much more, are easy to follow. The author believes that doing what is in the doll's best interest is most important: to never make irreversible or incorrect repairs.

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