Vintage European Costumed Dolls

More European costumed Composition Dolls

Back to Europe.......left to right. The first girl has a Gypsy appearance. High painted black boots. A beaded weskit over an organdy blouse with floral tape trim the length of sleeves.

The second doll wears an organdy cap similar to Dutch, a dotted Swiss blouse with laced dirndl.

The third doll also has a Gypsy presence. Hand embroidered little weskit. I really don't know where to classify the fourth doll. She wears a black shawl over her head. Floral print cotton skirt encourages me to guess South America or Mexico.

Aha! At last one with a gypsy appearance that is tagged "Just A Gypsy." Multicolor rayon dress, bead necklace, and earrings. She carries a small metal tambourine.

The girl on the left has a substantial white taffeta hat. She is tagged "French Provincial."

The second is another unknown of Eastern Europe influence. Black yarn hand sewn on weskit.

The third wears an organdy eyelet overblouse, tiny beads, and a necklace. The fourth has a large flower in her dark human hair. Her weskit has been hand embroidered by the artist. Unknown.

Last is Eastern Europe, but an unknown region. Embroidered white cap.

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Left to right. The first doll is obviously from the Dutch region though she does not have a tag. The artist even created "wood" shoes from carefully manipulated faille. Organdy cap and skirt.

The second doll is not tagged.........but maybe Irish or nearby region. Green felt hat. The jacket has a peplum over the skirt with an apron.

The third girl is a favorite. Her plum jacket has intricate tiny pleated collar and cuffs. Yellow floral headdress and skirt. A large green bow at the back of her head.

The last is another unknown favorite. Large stiff organdy stand-up collar. Her cap is green floral with tiny wax flowers on the brim. Organdy blouse over faille skirt.

Left to right. She is tagged "Maori-New Zealand". Intricate beadwork on a twisted headband, frizzy mohair wig. The skirt has strings of beads hanging from the waist. Her shawl has many small pieces of feathers and yarn attached overall.

The second doll has me puzzled. She wears a felt hat and a floral shawl. I want to place her in the South American category.

The third doll is untagged. Soft multi print rayons and silks suggest the far east.

The fourth doll wears satin harem pajamas. The shoes are curled at the toes as Aladdin would wear. Wound satin turban hoop earrings, pearls, and tiny bead necklace.

The last girl wears a long red dress with a short jacket trimmed with gold metallic braid. Headdress covers a velvet turban. The Middle East? Spain?

My head is decide.

On the left is tagged doll "Bavaria-Germany." Her sizeable white taffeta headdress has cutouts of flocked flowers. She wears a taffeta skirt with lace apron.

The second doll is untagged. She wears a laced dirndl. A snood type hair net covers her hair. The crown is flowers. The third doll is not tagged........but she resembles the Welsh region. Tall black hat, dark skirt and organdy blouse.

The last doll has no region identity. She wears a dirndl, a lace cap, and a wool skirt

That is the last of the collection! I hope you counted them as I still don't know how many there are. I just play with them and put them back in their case.

I hope in a small way that the outstanding workmanship of the lady who created these little darlings will be cherished by those of you who thrive creating costumes for dolls. Though the collection has been with me for many years, I am still thrilled beyond words when I touch them.

Although many collectors would consider the dolls of lesser value than most, the costuming alone has preserved a part of our world history that is already starting to diminish as new generations take hold. It is for that reason alone I consider them priceless and will keep them together as long as possible.

The mysterious woman who labored with love will sadly always be anonymous, but she will be remembered with great affection for this amazing tribute to costuming.

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