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Okay, Folks, I may have listings up on eBay, I list dolls, doll clothes, and doll furniture.

How this sequence of events has permanently altered and redirected my collecting of dolls.

A chance purchase by mail from a gracious lady erased the disappointment of my first dreadful year. An invitation to pick up my newly purchased doll at her home was extended...and accepting was the pivotal point which launched my over 30 gratifying and beautiful years of collecting.

The title of one of her books sums up what all doll collectors see in their own collections and selections.

Madalaine Selfridge, The author of Dolls: images of love,, is the person who firmly planted my feet on the road to doll collecting for the sole purpose of enjoyment and fulfillment...determined by each individual as they discover where these sources lie.

To Madalaine...I owe the many years of enjoyment collecting and putting up for adoption other dolls for many to enjoy. Thank you!

All old dolls are appealing to interests have always been varied, and thinning a collection has always been difficult. The "treasure hunt" is exciting and the satisfaction of obtaining another orphan is very pleasurable.

One day a bisque or wax is the ultimate...the next day I have fallen in love with an Arranbee composition from the 40's. Homely dolls always find a home they cultivate a quick smile with just a glance.

Many doll books have found their way through my hands over the years. But, I do have favorites...and find myself perusing them over and over...while others stay on the shelf after the initial interest has worn away. Mentioned earlier is "The Collector's Encyclopedia of Dolls" by the Coleman's. There are two very large volumes of this book. Both are out of print. But, if you search Amazon on a regular basis, these books do become available often. Though written many years ago, they have information that the more current doll books have excluded.

The Collector's Encyclopedia of Dolls (1968 Edition)

The next "series" of books that I have used extensively is the "Blue Book of Dolls and Values," by Jan Foulke. An ever-changing guide of pictures and information covering antique to modern. This book is now into the 16th edition. Previous out of print editions of this marvelous reference is also available time and again on Amazon.

Blue Book Dolls and Values, 16th Edition (Blue Book Dolls and Values)

The last favorite reference book is also a series. Initially "Modern Collectors Dolls" "Identification Value Guide" by Patricia Smith. It has been carried on in the same tradition by Patsy Moyer. Beautiful photographs and related information. Large hardbound books that I treasure. "Modern Collectors Dolls--4th edition by Patsy Moyer" is available currently. Again, out of print earlier editions can be found listed on Amazon from time to time.

Modern Collector's Dolls (Identification & Value Guide Seventh Series)

There are other books that I find irresistible, and they will be listed as this web site moves forward.

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eBay is an excellent website for "value" information about dolls, or most anything else for that matter--however, to see what something has sold for, registration is required, so if you are looking for past sales of any particular doll, you will need to register.