World War II Dolls made of Composition

Military of World War II Dolls made of Composition

These composition dolls not only represent the nations of the world but, also the military of World War II. There are a select few who look as if they have stepped from the pages of literature...but, I will leave that up to the individual to decide.

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There is outstanding beadwork on the Royal pair. The Queen wears a gown encrusted with beads and pearls framed with metallic net embellished with rhinestones.

Her crown is a very stiff metallic net with meticulously placed accents. Her cape is purple velvet with fur trim.

He also has a metallic crown trimmed with tiny beads. He holds a scepter of twisted antique metal topped with a very unusual bead. His cape is brocade. Wonder how many hours it took to complete just this pair!

Although I love the ethnic costuming, my favorites are the gals in WWII uniform. You will have to bear with me, as the handwritten tags for many of the dolls were just thrown in a bag, so an attempt to place them accurately may sometimes be an error.

Starting with the precious nurses, each little uniform is perfection in replication and detail. Pieces of cotton, rayon, wool and teeny beads to represent buttons complete each young ladies outfit.

Tiny red cross emblems adorn the caps of the four on the left. The doll on the right with the red cape has a tiny ACS sticker on the bodice of uniform.

From the left, the military uniform insignia on the hat is a small paper cut-out of an anchor with the letter N.

The next girl had her folded identification tag tucked under her dress. It states she is US Marine Corps.

The third girl is "Fire-Watcher." The doll in white wears the insignia with the anchor and N. She carries a tiny detailed leather bag.

The last doll sports a little tie, leather belt and has an eagle symbol on her hat. My husband tells me this is a Naval officer.

The young lady on the left bears a paper WIPS insignia. A second insignia on her arm is "WIPS Safety Service."

The second girl wears US Marine summer dress....stated on a folded handwritten tag tucked under her skirt. A rayon uniform with no insignia is worn by the third girl.

The redhead wears a tiny paper Naval officer symbol on her hat. The girl on the right has a very detailed uniform with a tiny shirt and tie. Her buttons are small beads. No symbol.

The girl on the left has red ribbon wristbands and the second doll bears the Navy officer insignia on her cap.

The darling sailor wears a tiny metal "V" for Victory pin on her bodice.

The fourth girl has lost her hat, so I am not sure whether she is military or a civilian of the 1940s.

The last doll wears a full-length fur coat and a jaunty hat with a veil which covers her face. She was the only verified 1940's civilian in the group.......perhaps she volunteered at the USO.

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