Vintage Costumed Composition Dolls

Vintage International Costumed Composition Dolls

"Egyptian Dancing Girl" is the tag attached to the girl on the left... Her garments are a stiff metallic bra encrusted with two huge gems and beads and a sheer skirt.

Her hair is unique as it resembles strands of thread. Solid pearls comprise the headdress of her friend. The dress is sheer net with a metallic waist.

The girl with the innovative bead with tassel lantern has an identification tag "Ceremonial Dancer-China". Her outfit is taffeta with antique metallic trim.

Headgear is comprised of beads and pearls on a wire frame.

The girl on the right does not have an ID tag but seems to be of the same region.

Her "pajamas" are satin, and her headgear is of tiny beads intricately wired to hold blue pom poms.

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The girl on the left does not have an identification noted, but, she seems to pair nicely with the other doll. Heavy metallic trim over ornate satin brocade.

Magnificent head gear matched only by the attire of the doll on the right. This doll is tagged as "Royal Dancer of Cambodia." The spire on the cap is carved of wood.

Tagged "Bali Dancer," the doll on the left has unusual head attire. The metal leaves are individual and move independently of one another. Did the creator shop for discarded jewelry or raid her own jewel box? Her skirt is long and sheer.

The second young lady wears pink taffeta and has a queue of hair that hits her feet in the back. She bears a tag "Girl of Chinese Royalty". Possibly from the same region, the third girl wears an ornate metallic lace trimmed cap and taffeta jacket over a floral skirt.

The fourth doll appears to be from the Orient as well. Beaded band over very coarse human hair. The last girl wears a "coolie hat" woven of straw. Her braids are made of human hair.

The girl on the left is tagged as "Bride of Malay." Her dress has a long train which is not visible in the photo. Her necklace of teeny shells, her sandals are of woven straw.

The middle three girls all wear sarongs but no identity tags attached. The doll on the right wears a real straw skirt with crepe paper flowers around skirt waist. Her ankle and wrist bracelets are of crepe paper. Her hair is human. If you guessed Hawaii as her are correct!

We go south of our border for this next group. On the left, dressed in simple cotton with embroidery of the region, is "Mexico."

The second doll in full floral print has a tag stating she represents "Panama (Pollera). The third doll is representing "New Zealand." The material for her wild print rayon dress with matching hair band must have been difficult to locate.

The region of the fourth doll is unknown. She wears a striking necklace or collar of intricately woven straw. The wide stripe at the hem is velvet.

The last girl bears a tag stating she represents "Panama (Country Woman)." Her straw hat is, and her bright red dress has a tassel at the neck.

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