Madame Alexander Overtook the New Medium of Hard Plastic

Madame Alexander Hard Plastic Dolls...

...Continuing the exquisite beauty found in her composition dolls

Madame Alexander Hard Plastic Dolls

Madame Alexander overtook the new medium of hard plastic with a masterful hand. During the years circa 1948 through 1956, this almost durable product reigned in the doll world.

The "Margaret" mold made the transition from composition to hard plastic easily. The sweet face with slender chin was captured again and again to grace the shelves in the images of queens, glamour girls, ballerinas, skaters, storybook characters and the classic "Little Women."

Alexander hard plastic doll wigs were in a transitional stage also with the use of Nylon, Saran and other synthetic fibers. Many of the new beauties of the Alexander collection wore tightly pulled, coiffed and curled styles which over 50 years later can still be found in perfect sets.  

A new Alexander hard plastic dolls mold with wide eyes and small pensive mouth was introduced circa 1948. "Maggie" has been used as one of the Little Women, Glamour Girls, Bridesmaids, and Ballerinas.

Just as I perceive Toni only as a school girl, my perception of Maggie is only as a teenager. The saddle oxfords, sweaters, skirts and attire of the 1950's teen are reminiscent of my own wardrobe during that era.

Nylon blouses with full skirts and crinolines, "bucket bag" purses and wide belts. I am sure that many collectors out there are attracted to "Maggie" for the same sentimental reasons.

eBay has a rather large set of listings of vintage Madame Alexander dolls for sale, if you are interested in a purchase, or to find values if looking for costs, it is necessary to register with eBay.

Display of Maggie teens is just as rewarding. The 50's teen hangs out with a, and their own Elvis records add to the eye appeal of Maggie and her friends. Easy to locate accessories, the "Elvis albums" are bubble gum.

My husband had initially purchased the jukebox, but, was kind enough to relent to my arguments that Maggie needed it more. After all, it even plays 50's music!!!

Some Alexander hard plastic dolls...Strollin'

The Maggie face was also used for "Polly Pigtails." Thanks to my favorite doll show online, eBay, I recently acquired the 1947 Polly Pigtails preteen magazine which illustrates the new Madame Alexander hard plastic doll on the cover. 

Many extra clothes were manufactured to purchase separately for Madame Alexander hard plastic dolls in the 1950's.

If you have a problem with too many dolls and not enough space, the acquisition of additional clothing for one baby doll is most satisfying.

Perhaps the main reason I prefer dolls which are not "mint" is that you can "play" with them as often as your young heart desires.

The large "Maggie" with pigtails has many outfits. A doll with many identities, I am still searching for the script sweater with her name for a 21" Annabelle to complete that outfit.

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