Who made this strange doll and when??

by Mark


This unusual doll was found in an old trunk in the attic of a burned out building in Framingham mass. about 30 years ago. The trunk contained some old glass photographic plates and other things that were about 1870. The doll could be even older.

It is about 7 inches tall, hand carved, the arms lift slightly and the doll is dressed in a very papery thin black fabric. The body and head are of one piece of wood the the two feet are nailed to the bottom of the torso.

If you lift the dress on the back side of the doll the letters M.I.W. are to be found, which is interesting as it reads the same way if you hold it upside down.

The first time I saw it 30 years ago, it gave me the creeps as it had an ominous feel about it, but not since I recently acquired it, although many whom I have showed it too also get a bit weirded out by it.

If anyone can help me identifying this doll, I would be very grateful.


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Jan 18, 2015
sister website
by: Merle

We would like you to visit our sister website Montana Doll Lady - here is the link - http://www.montanadollady.com/ you may need to copy and paste in your browser.

Jan 14, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have a 22" bisque head doll, ball jointed body with mark 0 1/2 unable to find out the maker of this doll. I have several reference books that are of no help. Anyone have information on this doll? Thank you. Priscilla

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