Who is this lady doll/figurine? Please help!

by Brenda Carroll
(Cary, NC )

My cousin bought all 4 dolls at an estate sale, and she asked for help in identifying and appraising the value of these dolls.

Because the clothing is attached so tightly and stiffly to the doll or figurine, we can't search the body or neck of it for identification markings.

All four are identical in face, head and body, and 3 of the 4 are wearing identical clothing, with slight differences in poses. All are about 13" tall, and stand on a round wooden base that is painted brown or varnished, and is about 1/4" thick.

Store tags on 3 of them price the dolls $21, $29, and $37. All tags say she or her clothes are handmade, but her face, painted hair and shoes, etc are so identical that we believe she was molded..made of clay? bisque? cloth (canvas-like)that is painted with mache? epoxy?

Clothes are very stiff, though they look like cloth.

Doll #1's tag reads, "cloth machet handmade in New Orleans doll $21"

Doll#2: no tag

Doll#3: tag reads "figurine on base, $37" Doll

#4:dressed in pants, different coat with trim, right arm is by her side instead of bent, and her left hand holds the flowers up to her face. Her head, though identical to the others, is turned to the right, and she wears a hat.

She is blonde, and her skirt is straight, but she resembles some of the "My Fair Lady" Eliza Doolittle dolls online.

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