by jenny
(Reading, Berks, UK)

Hi, we recently came across a trunk full of dolls in the attic of a house my partner was clearing.

In the trunk was an black doll - unsure of what shes made of - wooden we think. She has open / shut brown eyes made of glass. Her mouth is open, showing teeth and red cloth. Her hair is moulded not painted or implanted/ plugged.

There is a whole in her back which you can see all the strings inside which hole her together and allow her limbs / head to move.

She has what looks like original knickers (checkered patten). And she has a knitted dress, bonnet and booties. She is in fab condition, all fingers and toes in tact although there is slight scratches on her.

We can not find any markings.

We know she must of been loved once, and would like to know more as in when could she of been made, where could she of been made. And a estimated value as would like her to go to a collector. It won't allow me to upload pics as they are too big and I can't re-size. Any info would be great! Thanks

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