The German Doll

by Rebecca

Full doll from the front

Full doll from the front

This doll has been in my family for a long time.

She was a gift by a doll maker to my great great grandmother for my then-infant great grandmother. I know that she was kept in the family, passed from first born daughter to first born daughter since then.

She survived two world wars in Germany and came to Canada when my great grandmother brought my grandmother here as a DP. She has no marks. She was hand made, sewn, and I believe the dollmaker was the one to paint her face as well.

I was told that her clothing is in the style of Alsace and Lorraine of that time and that she is more than a hundred years old.

Her hair is real human hair and there is straw inside of her hat. Her apron looks different from the rest of her clothing but I'm not sure if that was a later addition or if it was made with her.

Anything that anyone can tell me about what she is made of, which doll maker might have made her, or if she happens to be of a particular person or character of that time I would love to know.

I do know that she was made as a personal gift and therefore was never in a store or sold, she may even have been made as a doll of my great grandmother to make her more personal but I have no idea.

I've always wanted to know more about her. I've been her custodian for twenty years and I still have so many questions.

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