Thank you for your website & wealth of information.

by Debbie Johnson
(Central New York)

I am an antiques dealer and recently purchased a "lot" of dolls, two of which I was able to identify and reunite with their appropriate accessories (that were in a jumble at the bottom of the box) because of your wonderful website.

One of the dolls was easy to put back together...BETSY ROSS. The other, MARY TODD LINCOLN, was a bit more difficult...but with your terrific pictures, the task was easily remedied.

I was also able to identify some accessories belonging to MARIE ANTOINETTE and PRISCILLA ALDEN...unfortunately, I don't have those dolls.

Being an avid collector of "Victoriana", I can really appreciate the workmanship that has gone into the creation of the clothing for these dolls. I'm amazed at the detail...including the many layers of MARY TODD LINCOLN'S skirts!

Thanks again, for a job well done on the website and congratulations on finally being able to complete your collection. (I may have to start one of my own now, too!)

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Mar 03, 2015
Dolls of Destiny were Beautiful
by: Donna H

It is so nice reading your comments. The Dolls of Destiny were created by my father (A & H Doll) and they were his best collection. There were so many details to their costumes and even came with their own Bio booklets attached to the doll's wrists.
Thrilled to see that people are still appreciating them.

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