Terri J. Denton @ sumbadnewz@aol.com

by Terri Denton
(Lebanon Tennessee)

I inherited a doll from my aunt who passed away. She is bisque or porcelain. Has a number 5 on her back. She has black hair that is painted on short and would be curly but because it is painted on it would be wavy. Red lips and blue eyes.

Her arms and legs are made of the same thing her head is. She has a slightly raised pinky finger on each hand. She has boots painted on that have 6 buttons painted on.

There is a raised place at the top of the boot that looks like it would be a tassle were it real. the bottom of the boots are painted black like a shoe but it is part of the boot.

I found a piece of paper in the clothing that had a name Lora Druen RR 1 Magnolia KY.

My Aunt has passed away but her niece is elderly and in a nursing home there. She remembers a doll but it may or may not be this one. Please help if you can.

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