by Tari Timmer
(Oneida, NY)

My parents started a doll collection for me when I was very young. The doll I'm trying to find out about is 29" tall.

She's has a porcelain head, mohair or human hair, closing eyes, pierced ears, 4 teeth.

Her body looks to me like a Schmitt type of body. Ball jointed, I'm not sure what material the body is made of.

She's in good condition, in my opinion, however I have no idea how old she is.

I took a picture and a rubbing of the marking on the back of her head, but it's hard to discern and I have been unable to find anything in any book that looks like it.

The clothing, is not the original clothing, but very well made to look like Martha Washington (it would appear).

I'd love any assistance with finding out who the maker is, possibly how old the doll is and it's value.

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