by Tammy Baker
(Latonia Kentucky)

My husband was restoring a local historical building in the 80's. He tore out a wall and found this doll in the wall. He knew I loved dolls so he brought her to me.

She is about 14 inches tall and has real black hair pulled to the side. She is wearing a crocheted dress and panties. Her shoes are painted on and she feels like she is filled with saw dust.

When I first saw her she was totally black. I thought it was mold, but It disappeared over night so I'm not sure it was mold.

There is hardly any wear on her and her hair is intact. Her face is original and the color is very vibrant.

I would appreciate any information about my girl.
She is very special.

Several years ago I was told by woman that the doll was from the south and that it was well over 100 years old.

Thanks for any help

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