Sweet cloth doll

by Maxx
(WA State)

I found this sweet little face at a great garage sale. "He" was so out of place there with all the books, Tupperware and usual items. I fell in love with the face and simple design. The proprietor of the sale said maybe it was Russian but didn't know for sure.There are no marks on him anywhere.

He is just over 11 inches tall. His face is painted and there seems to be 2 small curls of "hair" but the right side is mostly gone. His shoes are thick felted pads and his scarf comes off.

His head is obviously hand sewn onto the body and there were small chunks of sawdust caught in the folds of the scarf. The hat is felt and so is the red scarf. The body is cotton with a hand repaired tear under the left arm.

I would love to know ANYTHING about my little man.

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