by Sue Pusateri
(Lake Havasu City, AZ)

My 14" P90 Tony Doll is probably 58 yrs. old or so.

My family and I lived in Denison, Texas. My mother and father were very poor people and for extra money they picked cotton on the weekends.

When I was around 7 yrs old I went with my dad to pick cotton, of course I didn't pick much but dad earned around $10.00, after he was paid we went shopping.

While he was purchasing items that mom wanted I saw this Toni Doll and begged him to buy it for me. Cost was $7.00 , he bought it for me and of course caught holly hell from mom when we got home!

I am trying to refurbish her, she's in excellent shape but I need to buy new rubber bands and new dresses.

Thanks for reading my memories.

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