Squalling baby doll

by Leah Pierson
(San Diego, Ca.)

I inherited this squalling baby doll from my grandmother. I know for sure that she was the only owner. Am Assuming the doll was purchased in New York where she grew up. She kept it in a vintage doll stroller with a blanket over it's lap for as long as I can remember.

In fact, I believe she left it out in plain view to scare all of us grand kids out of this one room in her house that she didn't want us playing in. Worked too. We all were afraid of going anywhere near it. Lol

I have been holding onto this doll for many years now. Finally pulled it out of a box to scare my own children. ;)

Curiosity over the dolls origin due to its very unique appearance led me here to this site.

I know that this particular doll was special to my grandmother and I would like to see it find a home with someone who will appreciate it the way she did. Happy to sell for a very fair price. Please email me if interested.


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