by Sue Burns
(Melbourne, Victoria)

I inherited a Simon and Halbig doll from my mother. She was born in 1911 and when she was about 10 went to visit relatives in England where I think she received the doll as a gift.

She said it never had any clothes when she got it but has since been dressed. The doll's head is bisque with fair human hair (or possibly mohair).

She has blue/grey eyes with real lashes as well as painted ones and an open mouth with teeth and the body is composition but with jointed shoulders, hips elbows, wrists and knees.

The back of the head has Simon & Halbig, K * R and the number 34 on the neck. She also appears to have pierced ears. She is about 30cm tall.

I would like to know something about when she was made and anything else because I have looked up a number of S & H dolls but never found one with that number. Can anyone help, please?

I haven't any pictures at the moment.

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